Fabric blinds: Tradition and Innovation

Vertical striped fabrics look great in business and office Spaces as well as cozy home interiors. Of all the types of rolling curtains, they are perhaps the most eclectic design: somewhere between traditional textile curtains and modern style blinds.

Fabric textures, vertical alignment of the canvas and the ability to move the entire structure to the side are associated with the usual hanging curtains. Combine that with an innovative mechanism for regulating light – and we get modern, functional blinds. But it’s not just their versatility that attracts buyers. One of the main advantages of fabric blinds is that price is directly proportional to quality.

fabric blinds

Design and working principle

The optical protection system consists of the following components:

Upper cornice

A slider that holds the striped flakes in place

Wafer itself

Lighter weight

Fishing line fastening fabric

All of this is controlled by rotating and moving mechanisms to which ropes and adjusting chains are attached. When we pull on the chain, the sheet rotates around its axis, creating the necessary Angle for the light to scatter. Fully closed position – parallel to the window. The most open ones are perpendicular to the window. The rope moves the canvas horizontally. Therefore, you can open a window or parts of it completely.

fabric blinds


The direction is perpendicular.

The width of the sheet is 89 mm.

The main material of canvas is polyester.

Light protection materials are 50% or 100% available.

Fabrics are treated to prevent them from fading and the negative effects of dust and moisture. Do you want to buy fabric blinds made of natural materials? But natural fabrics are prone to shrinking and forming wrinkles, which is a reasonable choice if being environmentally friendly is important to you.

fabric blinds

Installation method

  • Fabric shutters mounted on plastic Windows, among other places:

It’s on a wooden frame

In the panoramic window of the balcony

At the door

It can also be used to partition space

  • The length of the strip is selected according to the idea:

To the floor

To the windowsill

Only close the top of the opening

Suitable places for installation

  • Due to its versatility, the fabric blinds are suitable for almost any room, including public Spaces. For example: living room; kitchen; bedroom; nursery; bathroom; balcony; office; restaurant; library; school class; design features of fabric louvers.

The canvas consists of vertical stripes that visually increase the height of the room. This is useful for rooms with low ceilings. This construction also makes the interior more elegant and elegant. Fabric louvers complement natural materials and suit classic and eclectic styles. They can be contrasted with other elements and coordinated or echoed in more complex ways.

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