Zebra curtains are not the first but the most beautiful. Completely understand the types and materials of zebra curtains

The contrast between light and dark stripes is very eye-catching, and the light adjustment has very rich changes. Anyone who sees Extra Wide Zebra Shade for the first time will be extremely impressed.

Five reasons why Extra Wide Zebra Shade are so popular:

Choose UNITEC’s room darkening window treatments fabrics!

1. The perfect combination of hard blinds and soft fabric curtains.
2. Especially the visual experience of the eye.
3. Better lighting adjustment.
4. Light decoration and heavy decoration in line with the interior design trend: Adding zebra roller blinds to the simple decoration will have a better design effect.
5. Easy to clean and maintain

UNITEC's Room darkening window treatments Fabrics Collection
Extra Wide Zebra Shade

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Composition: 30% Polyester, 70% PVC

Width: 2m, 2.5m, 3m
Roll Length: 30m ± 5m or Customized
Color Fastness:Fabric is treated with Grade 5+ UV inhibitor

Fabric Name – Code: UZS01

 Composition: 30% Polyester, 70% PVC

Width: 2M, 2.5M, 3M
Roll Length: 30m ± 5m or Customized
Color Fastness:Fabric is treated with Grade 5+ UV inhibitor

Extra Wide Zebra Shade

What is Extra Wide Zebra Shade:

A zebra blind is a type of fabric made from a small piece of fabric and is made up of yards of the same width. One end is fixed and the other end rolls with the axis to adjust the light. When the Goose and Goose meet each other, the light is soft, slightly reducing the effect of direct light. When the curtains and blinds are made, the light is completely blocked, thus finally achieving the goal of blocking the light. When you need to fully open the curtains, simply raise them all the way.

Extra Wide Zebra Shade

Zebra curtain principle structure and light changes

The following four-frame diagram can clearly illustrate that the principle of zebra blinds mainly depends on the specific structure of the fabric. When the bead chain rolls out, the entire surface of the fabric will change between light and dark colors, and it will adjust to the light.

The fabric structure is composed of small sections of rolling curtain fabric interlaced with small sections of rolling curtain yarn: We can find that the Extra Wide Zebra Shade that looks like two layers from the side is actually composed of a long section of rolling curtain fabric and a section of roller blind. Yarn, fold it back when it reaches the bottom. The total length of this long section of gauze structure is more than twice the height of the finished zebra curtain.

Extra Wide Zebra Shade

Six types and material classification of zebra curtains:

Zebra blinds are made of polyester fiber (POLYESTER). Just like the rolling blind process, a layer of acrylic resin is applied to make the originally soft cloth stiff. The difficulty of this sizing technology lies in that, Zebra curtains are made of cloth and yarn on the same cloth body. The density and slurry absorption capacity of the two are very different, but they must reach the same tension.

Origin: Korean or non-Korean: Consumers rarely know that the most important thing when choosing zebra roller blinds is to confirm whether the fabric comes from Korea, because zebra blinds were invented by Koreans, and the best quality zebra blinds so far are still from South Korea. There are many non-Korean materials on the market, but when used as whole window curtains, flatness and side fiber leakage are prone to occur.

Shading and non-shading: The roller blind fabric body can be divided into “shading” and “non-shading” according to the degree of shading. The “shading” cloth body is woven using the principle of sandwich shading cloth, and the shading rate is about 85%~95%;” The shading rate of “non-shading” is about 30% to 60%. Generally, we will use a mobile phone flashlight to illuminate from behind at close range to confirm whether the degree of shading meets our needs.

Yarn aperture size: few people have noticed that the cloth roller blind yarn can be divided into two styles: “fine and tight” and “large and rough”. Viewed from a distance, the difference is not big. If you look close, most guests will I prefer materials with fine pores.

Zebra blind privacy concerns:

Many people like zebra blinds, but they naturally worry about privacy when they see parts of the window screen. Please don’t worry about this part, it will never happen! We explained earlier that the fabric body width of zebra blinds is slightly wider than the fabric body of roller blinds by 3 cm. The front and back fabric body of the roller blind can completely cover the opposite gauze body, and the front and back layers of the fabric body also have enough overlap to achieve 100% closing effect.

Extra Wide Zebra Shade

In conclusion, zebra blinds are a great choice for those looking for style and functionality in their window treatments. With their unique design, these blinds offer the perfect balance of privacy and light control. Alternating transparent and opaque stripes allow you to effortlessly adjust the level of sunlight entering the room while maintaining a certain level of privacy.

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