The color of the curtains is so simple and practical

Curtains are a must-have item for every household. In many cases, curtains are not only used for shading and privacy protection, but also for decoration to a large extent. A good electric outdoor blind matching can make your whole room have a kind of A renewed feeling.

However, the matching of curtains is not random, there is a lot of knowledge and attention, let me take a look at the skills of curtain matching, color matching methods and matching formulas.

Curtain matching skills and color matching methods

1. Color uniform method

The curtain color matches the wall color

The most classic color matching of curtains is consistent with the color of the wall, which can integrate the window area with the wall and make the space a whole without any color separation, making the space look more spacious.

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2. Color echo method

The color of the curtains is consistent with the color of bedding, carpets, etc.

Curtains are essentially the same type of fabric materials as pillows, carpets, bedding, etc., so the curtains are in the same color as these elements, which will inevitably produce a harmonious and unified color matching effect.

3. Color embellishment method

The curtain color can not be inconsistent with the color of the room

On the basis of a unified and perfect main color of the decoration, choose a relatively eye-catching curtain color, and the small blocks of color formed by hanging the electric outdoor blind will embellish the overall space and make it the finishing touch.

4. Starting from the whole

Do not divide the space into completely independent existences, and be good at “echoing”, such as the echoing of the sofa in the living room and the bedside table in the bedroom, the decoration and color of the porch can be associated with the curtains, such an integrated design will highlight the home style and achieve harmony and unity Effect.

5.The color should be coordinated

In addition to the color of walls, floors, and furniture, we should also pay attention to the color matching of curtains, pillows, etc.

6. Remember the golden ratio

There will always be a need to buy some decorations for embellishment. If you have no special preference or strong personality pursuit, divide it according to the golden ratio (1:0.618) in aesthetics!

Curtain color matching formula

Many people are not very good at matching curtain colors when doing home decoration, but the choice of curtain color is more important, so the following matching formulas can provide some ideas for you who are confused!

The wall is shallow, the furniture is deep, and the curtains are one size deeper than the wall

The wall is deep, the furniture is shallow, and the curtains are one size lighter than the wall

The color of the furniture is very beautiful, the curtains match the color of the furniture

It’s really hard to choose the color, gray curtain and white gauze are the best match

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