Electric blinds, modernity, and security for your home

Traditional roller blinds are used as an aesthetic element whose main function is to regulate the passage of light into the home. However, when we talk about electric blinds, you might think that the ones that are already installed should be removed. Not at all, you can convert those blinds that you like so much, turning them into electric ones, and the best of all is that you can do it yourself simply and cheaply.

Electric blinds
Electric blinds fabrics manufacturer

In this post, we are going to show you how to convert your classic blinds to electric blinds, their operation, accessories, and aspects to take into account for its installation.

Electric blinds are perfect for the new trend of smart homes and they are beginning to have more presence in the worldwide market because from a small control you have total control of the light that enters through your windows.

What are electric blinds?

Electric blinds are those to which a motor is installed to operate, which allows them to be raised and lowered from a button, with the remote control and even by voice with Alexa or the Google Assistant.

You have two options to motorize your blind:

1, Place a blind tubular motor on the shaft that is inside the blind box.

2, Install a small device on the pickup.

Both need a light socket to work, although the collecting device does not eliminate the drawbacks of conventional tape. So in this article we are going to focus on tubular motors.

How do electric blinds work?

Electric blinds
Electric blinds

Manual blinds are controlled by moving the belt or crank, that means that they require the use of force, and having more manual mechanisms, it is normal for them to deteriorate before the electric ones.

With the implementation of tubular motors, manual drive mechanisms such as belt, crank and rope are replaced.

If you read correctly, the manual mechanism has to be replaced, they CANNOT coexist.

What happens if the power goes out?

Electric blinds
Electric roller blinds

That you will not be able to use it, just as it happens with the TV, with the refrigerator, or the parking door, so do not be alarmed. Few times the light goes out and in most cases, it is used in windows, and even if it is indoors, there are other access doors.

According to what we have told you so far, if you want to motorize the system with a collecting device (for the belt), place the motor in the lower box.

Now, our recommendation is that electric blinds be motorized with tubular motors. The operation is based on the installation of a tubular motor on the axis of the blind. It should be noted that the same axis that the blind already has can be used, it is only necessary to install certain accessories for our electric blind to work properly.

The blinds help us control the light regardless of the time of day, it gives us privacy, but without a doubt, to have a more complete and safe experience, electric blinds add comfort. If it is very sunny and a lot of light enters, you can close the blinds from your sofa or table, also if you have blinds with special materials such as blackout, sunscreen or sheer elegance, with a simple click you will maintain the friendly temperature inside your home.

The security that electric blinds give you

Its greatest benefit is that you can program its opening and closing times, so that according to the hours of the day they prevent or allow the entry of light. In addition, if you leave the house, by leaving them programmed they will have movement, and thus possible intruders will think that if there is someone in the home.

For those with young children who are curious or are just learning to walk, blind cords can be somewhat dangerous, however, with electric blinds, this problem is completely eliminated since they are not needed.

Represents energy savings

Although it may be thought that the integration of electric blinds in the home represents an additional consumption of electricity, with their programming functions they can actually be much more economical in the consumption of heaters, air conditioners and light. Since with the programming of these, for their opening and closing they adjust to the hours of the day so that they are only open at the right time.

There are definitely many advantages of entering the technology revolution and changing your curtains for electric blinds, and at UNITEC, we can help you.

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