How to achieve the Eclipse effect without works and in the same space? Eclipse blinds, day and night blinds of UNITEC

A highly demanded option when decorating a space is to place Eclipse blinds (day and night blinds). This type of blinds is composed of a double roller blind that allows regulating the entry of light. This peculiarity offers the possibility of separating different environments without creating works in the same space, playing with transparency and opacity.

Eclipse blinds, day and night blinds Premium with 100% polyester fabric and embellishing drawer already incorporated, which allows the light to be adjusted as the curtain is rolled up on the shaft. Its double overlapping fabric and horizontal bands of clear vision, allow you to see the outside and not be seen, as appropriate. Colorful, practical, and very economical, they are served in colors that are very easy to integrate into any environment.

Eclipse blinds, day and night blinds of UNITEC

The designs of this type of blinds are usually made up of horizontal stripes. In this way, they adapt to any space and style. Polyester is the fabric of choice to manufacture in most cases. In this way, the possibilities it offers are many and above all varied.

Eclipse blinds (day and night blinds) are made up of a lighter stripe and a darker strip interspersed. And they usually work with a dual roll-up mechanism. They have a chain, similar to that of the blinds, and can be turned to both sides, causing the light and dark stripes to be placed interspersed. In this way, the darkest stripes can gradually filter the passage of light. They can also be completely rolled up if desired and allow the light to enter completely. In short, this type of curtains can function as a kind of natural light regulator.

There is a wide variety of Eclipse blinds (day and night blinds) on the market. There are them in different colors or even patterns and also, some allow more light control than others. There are dark models in which the stripes are thicker and both are darker shades (although one is always lighter than the other). With these models, the room can be left with very little light input. And there are also lighter models that allow there to be a greater passage of light all the time, but at the same time, it can be regulated to reduce the amount of incoming light.

How to install Eclipse blinds (day and night blinds)?

Installing Eclipse blinds (day and night blinds) on your windows and enjoying this beautiful effect is very simple. It is preferable to place the base of the blind on the wall if there is enough space between the window and the ceiling. Its installation can also be done on the ceiling. For example, day and night blinds for the living room usually offer a good result. It is a way to get different rooms within the same space.

At UNITEC we offer different types of Eclipse blinds (popularly known as night and day). In addition, you can even choose the custom-made and automatic day and night blinds, that is, with the motor. Be that as it may, choose the one that best suits your space and give your room a different style.

Do you know what is Eclipse blinds (day and night blinds)? Without a doubt, it will be the ideal choice if you need different degrees of brightness throughout the day in your stays.

This type of Eclipse blinds has a weave of blackout and translucent horizontal stripes, which can be overlapped or alternated. This way you can regulate the entry of light according to the time of day: you will have practically a blind when you place the opaque bands on top of each other and a great entry of light when the translucent bands are visible. Two in one!

The material of the Eclipse blinds (day and night blinds) is polyester or PVC, so they are easily cleaned. In addition, they are installed in a simple way, they are rollable and you have the advantage that you can find them in different sizes and colors to fit them perfectly in your windows and coordinate them with the rest of your decoration.

Difference between day and night blinds and translucent ones

The translucent ones are roller blinds that let in the light (or part, depending on the model we buy), so that they soften it, and allow us to have more privacy in our house.

With Eclipse blinds (day and night blinds), we can emulate this effect by aligning the dark stripes of both clearings. Thus, the light will pass through all the light stripes. However, it is not the same as a translucent one, since at night and day we will continue to see the dark stripes, which will subtract part of the light. If by putting the Eclipse blinds (day and night blinds) in this position we still do not have enough light, there will be no choice but to raise it.

Even so, many people prefer Eclipse blinds (day and night blinds), because the light that passes between the stripes has a very aesthetic and pleasant effect, ideal for brighter windows. Translucent ones are more recommended for less illuminated windows, although it depends on the degree of transparency of the blind.

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