What are the most durable blinds?

Shutters are an investment, and we certainly want them to last if possible. So, the big question is: which blinds are the most durable? The answer varies based on different factors. Read on to find out which blinds are the most durable blinds.

What guarantees the durability of the blinds?

The durability of a shutter is not always determined by the material it is made of, but by the environment in which it is placed. To optimize the life of your shutter, you must choose a product that is compatible with where it will be installed.

durable blinds

Wood shutters, for example, are solid models, but they won’t last as long if they’re installed in a room with high humidity. Wood naturally absorbs water and will warp over time. For wet rooms, you should consider purchasing moisture-resistant shutters.

Most Durable blinds for Kitchen and Bathroom

  • To ensure that the blinds you install in your bathroom will last for years—especially if the bathroom has a shower—choose faux wood or vinyl blinds. These materials are waterproof and will not deform over time due to excessive moisture. The same goes for the kitchen, which is also a room that generates a lot of heat and humidity.

Most Durable blinds for Bedroom

  • Wooden shutters are a durable solution for bedrooms. Their material is strong and since they don’t have to worry about humidity in this room, you can enjoy it for many years. Fabric roller blinds are also a great durable blind because they don’t get as dirty as easily in kitchens.


durable blinds

Most Durable blinds for Living Room

  • If you don’t have young children or pets, you can enjoy any of our blinds. Note, however, the delicate fabrics such as our solid colors are more prone to staining. If you have young children or pets, disaster is best avoided. In this case, vinyl roller or cellular shades may be a more durable solution for your living room.

The most durable blinds are expensive blinds?

While some of our premium products are made of premium materials, we make sure that even our budget models are made of premium materials. More expensive doesn’t always mean more durable. Sometimes certain products command a higher price simply because of the rarity of the fabric, the different color options offered, or even options selected such as an electric lift mechanism.

durable blinds

How do I choose the most durable blinds?

  • The best way to choose the durable blinds for your home is to make a list of all the rooms that need new blinds. Next to each room listed, write the type of environment it belongs to determine which material is best. Is it a wet room? dry? Where do young children or animals often play?

Next, determine your needs for each room. Do you need blinds that filter light? Dimming the blinds improves sleep? By refining your selection for each room, you’ll find the products that are likely to last the longest in each room.


If you still can’t find the most durable blinds for every room in your home, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are happy to guide you in your purchase.

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