How do double window shutters work?

Want to choose the best curtains for your home? Are you wondering how the double window shutters that are so popular on the market work? We’ll explain how to check them out and what to look out for when buying.

How to install double-layer shutters

Day and night curtains are very popular in the market, mainly because the price/performance ratio is convincing. However, it is worth choosing the right product that will meet your expectations and not cause problems during assembly. Where to start looking? First, be aware that there are many ways double window shutters can be installed. How you prepare the room for the new cover also depends on it. stand out:

double window shutters

Double window Shutters – You can assemble them yourself without special tools such as drills. Most often, special handles and straps are used to provide extra stability. Hooks attach to the window frame for quick assembly. These types of blinds are often called “mini”. They are custom made, so you can easily adjust them to your window size. Recommended for not too large rental apartments and windows.


Double louver without drilling

  • Cassette Double window shutters – Most popular on the market due to the beauty of the finish and the concealment of all fasteners. This solution does a good job of protecting against damage and dirt because the fabric unfolds nicely and then hides it. The material adheres well to the glass through the rails, so it does not interfere, for example, with decorations on the windowsill. Cassettes are primarily made of aluminum and fit most interiors. Day and night blinds are available for both smaller and larger windows.

Double window shutters standard – requires screwing the mounting profile to the wall, ceiling, or recess, so you must drill holes in the floor. They guarantee durability and are easy to handle. However, this type has no guides, so the fabric protrudes slightly when the window is opened. It also covers the entire glass with a handle. For example, this allows you to subtly hide architectural flaws.

  • Double window shutters with boxes – they are fixed to the glass strips with screws. The rails allow the fabric to be laid evenly along the glass.

double window shutters

Double Roller Blind Material

  • How do double window shutters work? They effectively protect the room from solar radiation, as well as people passing under the block or living on the opposite side of the block. This material makes it possible to partially darken a room, for example during the day, and to completely darken the interior at night. This is because it has two parts. The first is transparent and the second is colored. That’s why horizontal stripes immediately catch the eye when you see day and night blinds. Under the influence of the hand movement of the chains, they coincide, giving an optimal shading. You can arrange the straps in whatever way suits you best now. You can also adjust based on the time of day and the position of the room relative to the sun. Compared to classic fabrics, you can choose between sheer and blackout layers. Uniform materials don’t allow you to control the flow of light.

Look for high-quality materials that won’t fade in the sun and are easy to clean. This applies to roller blinds installed in children’s rooms and kitchens. The fabric should match the aesthetics of the interior as much as possible since it consists of two horizontal stripes. For example, it is worth choosing colors that match the walls, home textiles or accessories.

double window shutters

Double window shutters with cassette

  • When shopping for blinds, consider the type of fabric. You may experience dimmers or blackouts. There is a key difference here. The first of them will look very elegant and will add a cozy touch to the apartment or house. It has an optimal thickness, so it is ideal for use in the living room, children’s room or even in the kitchen. For a specific product, information should be provided on the proportion of light transmitted by the fabric in the room. Blackouts will have greater value. However, keep in mind that the tint is not a lighter shade. You can choose from a rich color palette.

How do double window shutters work? A few words about service

Double window shutters are adjusted by roller blind rails and chains located on the left or right. It consists of small beads firmly connected to each other. You will most likely find a special connector between them. For example, it’s used to shorten the whole thing, so it doesn’t interfere with everyday use.

You hang the shutters with chains. They gently raise and lower the shutters and adjust the intensity of the sun’s rays. As you know, the material consists of two parts: one is transparent and the other is colored. When they collapse, cover the jars completely. Otherwise, more sunlight and light will enter the room.


  • There are many interesting solutions on the market today. How do automatic double window shutters work? It is enough to buy suitable motors for them to mount on the chain. The assembly itself takes no more than ten minutes and requires no special tools or disassembly of the entire tape. Thanks to this drive, you can control the roller blind completely remotely, e.g., from a sofa. To do this, use an application on your phone or other mobile device. It is worth installing such a motor on new and existing roller blinds.

To give the controller a good look, you can choose from several types of chains, including white and silver. Pay attention to the control method when purchasing. You know how day and night blinds work, and you need an easily accessible chain for that. Therefore, it is worth thinking in advance whether to place it on the left or right side of the window.


double window shutters

Why is it worth choosing double window shutters?

Double window shutters are a great solution for almost any interior, whether in an office or a living room. Thanks to them, you will be comfortable at any time of the year. You’ll love watching the series or working on the computer because the fabric won’t let light reflections bother you. Also, you can protect yourself from the external environment. There are many uses of day and night curtains, which is also due to the different installation methods. You can choose between invasive and non-invasive stents. Two types of fabric are a great solution because you can let as much light into the room as you want. Also, these types of models are easy to clean. Look at our range of double window shutters and see how functional they are!

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