The advantages and options of blackout curtains are explained

In daily life, where there are Windows, there are naturally curtains, especially floor-to-ceiling Windows in bedrooms or living rooms, and the choice of curtains is more exquisite. And door shade cover are one of them.

Introduction to blackout curtains:

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Blackout curtain, a door shade cover with a blackout function made of decorative cloth. Blackout curtains, on the traditional basis of the change of opaque or thickened fabric, so as to control the light, to achieve the effect of shading. At present, blackout curtains are widely used in various sports venues, office buildings, precision equipment plants and modern homes, etc., to meet the requirements of most places for shading.

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Composition: 100% Polyester with Acrylic coated(100% Free of PVC, Formaldehyde and Halogen to help reduce toxins in your environment)

Width: 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.5m, 2.8m, 3.0m
Weight: 330g/m² ± 5%
Thickness: 0.38 mm ± 5%

Fabric Name – Code: URB6101-6105

Composition: 100% Polyester (100% Free of PVC, Formaldehyde, and Halogen to help reduce toxins in your environment)

Specification: 100% Blackout (Complies to AS 2663.3.1999), UV Protection: Tested to AS/NZS 4399:1996, Blackout Performance: UVA 99.95% | UVB 99.95

Width: 2.5m, 2.8m, 3.0m
Weight: 205g/m2
Thickness: 0.35mm
door shade cover

The advantages of blackout door shade cover:

The biggest benefit is shading. No matter what kind of curtain, there is a blackout effect, but now the blackout curtain does not reach 100% refraction rate, if there are businesses to promote the blackout rate of 100% is absolutely deceptive. In fact, the current blackout curtains can eliminate 80% of the radiation, while having the advantage of light and wind permeability, some transparent blackout curtains can see outdoor scenery. At the same time, it has good thermal insulation performance.

door shade cover

The disadvantages of blackout door shade cover:

Everything is double-sided, blackout curtains toxic is not a rumor, this is related to the material. At present, the market is mainly divided into: physical shading and chemical shading two kinds. Physical shading, adding shading fabric in the original curtain, green and harmless. Chemical shading, the addition of coating outside the curtain, the reason of using glue, the curtain with stimulating smell, nature is not completely non-toxic, poor quality shading curtain toluene exceeded, making people feel uncomfortable.

How to buy blackout curtains

1, the choice of curtain size

The curtain area must cover the window to achieve the shading effect. The length depends on the window. Floor-to-ceiling Windows and long-frame Windows require floor-to-ceiling curtains; Window sills higher than the floor can be used either floor curtains, or full window door shade cover; Large Windows should choose curtains wide out of the window holes, so as to achieve visual balance. Due to the variety of housing types and Windows, the choice of curtains should be ‘tailored to local conditions’.

2, the choice of curtain fabric

From the material point of view, the curtains are: cotton, yarn, satin, bamboo, artificial fiber and so on.

Cotton and hemp are common materials, easy to wash and change, suitable for bedroom use.

The decoration of the gauze curtain is strong, can strengthen the depth, and the light transmission is good, suitable for use in the living room and balcony.

The texture of satin and flocking curtains is delicate, showing luxury, shading and sound insulation effect is good, but the price is high.

Bamboo curtain texture is clear, lighting effect is good, and wear-resistant, mildew resistant, not easy to fade, suitable for balcony use.

If the connection between the curtain and the window is handled well, it can play a good sound insulation effect. Although it can not be 100% soundproof, it can solve many problems. 2, the application of more occasions. The rolling curtain has many advantages such as beautiful and simple appearance, strong and durable structure, and is suitable for a variety of places.

door shade cover

The biggest advantage of blackout curtains is to block out light. Above is our introduction to the blackout curtain, please remember to pay attention to us!

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