Here are four reasons why you should choose a dimmer curtain

Dimming curtain is very popular with many people in recent years curtain style, it also has another cute and funny name “zebra curtain”, why called zebra curtain? Because the effect of this curtain shows the same as the lines on the zebra, because this unique effect also makes many designers or decorating friends choose this curtain as home equipment, then what is its unique charm? This article will tell you once!

1.What is a dimmer screen?

Dimming curtain, like its name, can be adjusted according to their own needs to make the light source show different effects, can effectively control the brightness of the room and sunlight into the room of various angles, the design is similar to the curtain but the curtain is through two layers of weaving, a layer of fabric and a layer of yarn mixed woven, so it can also show the effect of looming.

dimmer curtain
dimmer curtain

2.What is the dimmer curtain made of?

Dimming curtain and rolling curtain concept is the same, it can also be said that dimming curtain is the advanced version of rolling curtain.

Dimming curtain is the use of polyester fiber and yarn woven, followed by a layer of acrylic resin on the woven polyester fiber, this is in order to make the original soft and not straight cloth can stiffen up, so it has become the curtain seen today.

dimmer curtain

3.Light dimming curtain

The shading level of the curtain is generally divided into transparent, semi-shading and full shading levels. The curtain of transparent style will sound the shading degree due to the thickness and density of the cloth material. The curtain of semi-transparent style will affect the shading degree with the color of the curtain itself. 

And the curtain of complete shading grade is by sandwiching a layer of matting yarn between cloth and cloth, so as to achieve the effect of complete shading, but there will still be some light leakage phenomenon at the junction of cloth and yarn.

dimmer curtain

4.Dimming curtain origin

dimmer curtain

Dimming curtain originated from South Korea, at present the largest source is also South Korea, in the selection of curtain you may find that there are other curtains made in different countries, but at present it made in South Korea is better quality, so in the selection of curtain want to avoid thunder, you can choose the origin of the curtain made in South Korea

5.Reason to choose a dimmer curtain: Unique visual effect

1.Unique visual effect

Minimalist elegant appearance is today many designers will choose to match home decoration curtains, curtain no matter where the decoration can present excellent decoration effect, the cost is cheaper than other styles of curtains are cheaper, love minimalist decoration friends, dimming curtain will be a very good decoration items.

2.Quality dimming and shading effect

The dimming and shading effect is not as good as that of the louver curtain, slightly changing the Angle can present different light and shadow effects, even if fully opened will not be too bright, because the curtain is made of two layers of cloth, do not worry about it because of the full meeting to make the outside people see into the inside, the dimming effect presented very high quality

dimmer curtain

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After reading the above introduction is the curtain more understand it? Dimming curtain is a very affordable curtain style, simple design, clean easy is very in line with the choice of modern families, are still thinking about what kind of curtain friends, dimming curtain may be your best choice!

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