Differences between Roller blinds and Vertical Blinds

Are there differences between Roller blinds and Vertical blinds? Which to choose? When dressing the windows of our home we may have doubts in choosing between curtains and blinds. There are clear factors that differentiate them such as design, functionality, lighting or the type of fabric with which they are manufactured. In this article we want to focus on the main factors that differentiate them. Therefore, we are going to see the differences between roller blinds and curtains.

In this new post, we will explain what are the main differences between vertical blinds and roller blinds in order to decide which is the best option that suits what you are looking for.

We will take into account the window or windows where we want to place our blinds or curtain and, in addition, we will think about the space and the design that we want to have, thus being able to give it a more classic or modern air.

Vertical blinds:

differences between Roller blinds and Vertical blinds
Differences between Roller blinds and Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds let in natural light by adjusting their slats to your liking.

These are its main characteristics:

  • Recommended for offices, workrooms, and public buildings.
  • Versatile and functional, since you have total control of the rotation of the slats.
  • The material used is not very rigid.
  • The blinds have a side-to-side opening, not vertically.
  • They are the most practical solution for large decorative spaces.
  • Ideal for high ceilings
  • More classic styles

Roller Blinds:

It is a type of curtain for all those places and facilities where functionality prevails.

The main features are:

  • They sift the light, being able to be of a very opaque material and thus not leaving its path. Or instead, you can choose a fabric that allows more light to pass through.
  • You can regulate the entry of light and the degree of privacy to the maximum.
  • They can be operated motorized and manually
  • It can block the light, without blocking the outside view.
  • For large windows that are accompanied by a piece of furniture, it is the blind that has the most resources, allowing you to raise and lower it to the height you want.
  • Easy cleaning
  • They can be placed on horizontal windows (attics) with drives.
  • More minimalist styles and with varied fabrics and colors: translucent, opaque, decorative …
  • Greater durability, since it is unalterable over time and fire retardant

Explore our guide to learn the similarities and differences between Roller blinds and Vertical blinds

If you are considering buying new blinds, the first thing to decide is whether you need a roller and vertical style. Explore our guide to learn the similarities and differences between horizontal and vertical curtains and determine which one is the best for each room in your home.

Up to this point, we have given you the similarities and differences between Roller blinds and Vertical blinds. Before deciding on one, it is essential that you analyze each of them to determine the one that best suits your needs. We are sure that any model you choose will look great on your windows!

We hope it has guided you to make the best decision.

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