Differences between buying custom blinds or standard blinds online

You have just decided that you are going to buy blinds online. You have found that one of the great distinctions is that they can be custom or standard blinds, and you do not know what is best. Here is a post that will help you in this: we tell you the differences between buying custom blinds or standard blinds online. Then you choose what suits you best!

Differences between buying custom blinds or standard blinds online
Differences between buying custom blinds or standard blinds online

Once you are clear that you are going to buy blinds through one of the many specialized websites out there, such as unitectex.com, the first thing you should know is what is the difference between buying custom blinds or standard blinds online. What is better?

There is no exact answer for this, since it will depend on the use that you are going to give the blind and the measurements of the window.

  • A custom blinds will have the exact height and width measurements that you need. Therefore, it will fit perfectly on the window or door, without light input.
  • A standard blinds already has predetermined height and width measurements. It is cheaper than the previous one, as it is an already manufactured model.

The first thing you have to know before buying custom blinds or standard blinds online

The first thing before buying custom blinds or standard blinds online, you have to do is know the height and width measurements of that window or door where you want to place the roller blind. Does a standard blinds model work for you? Do the measurements fit or you don’t mind if it’s a bit bigger? Perfect!

Take a look at all the standard models that you can find in the different fabrics and don’t think twice. Of course, you have to bear in mind that a lower price is equivalent to a more ‘normal’ blind, but this does not mean that it will be of poor quality. No, it will not be like the blinds that you can buy for 10 euros in large stores when buying custom blinds or standard blinds. If the measurements fit you, they are perfect, for example, for rental flats.

Now: if the measurements or the fabric don’t fit you, and the blind falls short, don’t mess around. Opt without hesitation for a custom blind. It will be perfect and you will enjoy all the advantages of custom manufacturing: higher quality installation mechanisms, more fabric options, designs and images, motor, counterweights, chain, etc.

In general, online stores do not perform measurements or installations, although they do sell their products throughout your country. In each product sheet you will find the necessary instructions to calculate the measurements yourself before buying custom blinds or standard blinds. It is easier than it seems to be!

How to know the measurements of a blind?

The first thing you will need is a good metal tape measure before buying custom blinds or standard blinds, with a length between 3 and 5 meters. You can repeat the measurements to make sure and stay calm, but really, taking into account some basic premises, you will not have a problem:

  • The width of each roller blind includes what the mechanisms and the roller tube will occupy once placed.
  • The mechanisms measure 1.5 cm for one part and 1.8 cm for the part of the chain approximately. In total there is a difference of 33 mm between the width of the fabric and the total width of the blind.
  • Hence, for the width measurement, it is advisable to add 5 cm to each side (or 10 cm to the total). With this, we guarantee full coverage of the window or door.
  • As for the height measurement, the idea is to add 5 cm to the total and it is more than enough so that the roller tube of the blind is never exposed.

These are the indications to take the measurements of a ‘normal’ window or door. In case there are no space, go-between walls or in a hole, the indications are a little more specific but just as simple. You will find it detailed on the web of buying custom blinds or standard blinds online, but you can also make any consultation with the technical team by phone or by mail.

What blinds can I buy in the standard model?

In general, when deciding between buying custom blinds or standard blinds online, custom manufacturing is recommended. Visually it looks better and we will be buying a high-quality product. Keep in mind that since they have the height and width that you indicate, they cannot be returned, unless they present manufacturing defects or some of their parts have to be replaced.

If you prefer to opt for a standard model, here are some of the blinds or curtains that you can find with these characteristics:

  • Standard night and day blind: with different widths available for heights of 180 or 250 centimeters. At height keep in mind that what is leftover remains rolled Five colors to choose from. Also available in night and day standard measurements the tricolor model with a set of three combined colors, and five possible widths for 180 cm high.
  • Bamboo blinds: a perfect model of bamboo wood blind or blind for the summer. Different widths are available for 160 and 220 cm high.
  • Blackout blinds: you will find the classic curtain of a lifetime in standardized measurements. In this case, on the web, the available measurement is 140 cm wide by 245 cm high. If it fits you, perfect! You have seven colors to choose from.

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