Tips for your curtains to combine with the decoration of your environments

Decorative curtains

Decorative Curtains
Decorative Curtains

Choosing curtains for the different spaces of your home can be somewhat difficult, however, we will mention some important points that you should consider when choosing your decorative curtains. In addition to choosing a design of fabrics and colors that fit with the rest of the environment, it is important to choose a tissue that enhances the window and provides warmth to the environment. It seems complicated but if you follow the following points, it will be much easier than you think.

The decoration of the environment

What decorative style dominates your space? Keep in mind that it is not the same, decorating the windows of a classic interior or a modern environment. That is why the fabric you choose for your curtains must have harmony with the personality of the environment. In UNITEC, we have a great variety of decorative curtains that fit any type of environment.

Decorative Curtains
Decorative Curtains blinds

The roller blinds plays a very important role because it doses the effects of the sun and integrates in a subtle manner with the selected materials, colors and textures. This design offers a comfortable and quiet atmosphere, with the necessary conditions to face the challenges of the day-to-day.

Smooth fabrics or Cellular Shades

Decorative Curtains
cellular shades

The first thing you should think about is if you want the decorative curtains to integrate your environment or if you want it to be a focal point. If your case is to choose a smooth curtain design, you must have a tone similar to that of your wall to be able to integrate or bet on Cellular Shades designs to give you contrast to your space. So, If you like the innovator you can also opt for a few Glide panel curtains, to cover windows of any size or divide spaces elegantly.

The color of the wall

Choose decorative curtains that go according to the color of the walls, does not mean that they always have to be of the same color; You can choose to create attractive contrasts color. Of course, to successfully combine the curtains with the rest of the environments, you must consider other elements that are around. For example, you can combine the color of the decorative curtains with the finisher of the furniture.

The dimension of the spaces

The size of the environment, is also something that you should consider since in small spaces it is preferable to opt for light curtains in light colors so that they let the light pass. Experts in interior design, say that; Interior design is a rewarding process, which allows living the transformation of space. such as, Light, color, materials and objects provide the privilege of fulfilling our mission: create spaces so that customers can feel comfortable and raise their quality of life.

Long or short decorative curtains

The long curtains contribute to the warm environment and give a feeling of home. To wash them is not complicated. In the spaces of a few meters reduce space, however, you can choose to choose short curtains that make your environment more extensive.

Perhaps after reading this post, it does not seem so complicated to make the choice of the most suitable decorative curtains for your spaces. We recommend you to go with any of our authorized distributors to give you the attention you deserve and support you with this decision.



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