Functional and decorative blinds and Shades

We have been observing carefully that both experts and amateurs in decoration, we have not given the importance that decorative blinds & shades deserve at a functional, decorative level and as a final result of a successful decoration, since in them we find a diversity of resources that contribute to the transformation of our spaces.

Let’s start today talking about the Functional with seven items that give us comfort and well-being in each space of our home.

1, Decorative blinds & shades Intimacy Trust!

The decorative blinds & shades are elements that provide an environment of privacy inside our home, because it is the only place where we are authentic, we see ourselves as we really are, we do things that we do not do elsewhere and we feel like nowhere else, this Due to the warmth of the home and the complicity of our decorative blinds & shades to visually isolate and protect us from the outside.

2, Warmth Harmony!

Being in a warm decoration environment means making an adequate choice of furniture, the color palette, materials, textures and especially the decorative blinds & shades since they are key pieces to integrate everything together and obtain the desired result, a curtain is like If we want a special blanket we look for it, in the same way when we want warmth we take refuge at home.

3, Acoustics Peace of mind!

By choosing the right decorative blinds & shades, our acoustic environment both from the outside in and from the inside out changes considerably, today the vast majority of decorative blinds & shades fulfill the role of noise insulation due to new materials, kinds of fabrics, threads, fabrics, the fantastic aluminum, bamboo and other wooden blinds that absorb sounds enormously, making our environment more peaceful.

4, It is a light filter. Transparent decorative blinds & shades!

Letting the light pass in a greater or lesser quantity is something that we must achieve, otherwise we lose privacy, since our current homes have large windows, gazebos, the proximity to neighboring houses on occasions and other aspects force us to be very careful in the When choosing the decorative blinds & shades and light filtering systems, it also determines the type of environment we want to have in each space.

5, Control the ingress of dust Quality!

decorative blinds

The decorative blinds & shades provide us with great well-being by preventing dust from accumulating on furniture or spreading throughout all the spaces of our home, giving us better air quality and greater care to our other pieces of decoration and furniture. Let’s not forget the maintenance of our decorative blinds & shades, vacuuming them, washing them, shaking them and in some cases seeking help from specialized companies.

6, Convenience Fresh!

There is no more comfortable place than our room, the living room with our favorite armchair or the swivel chair in our study and the result of having succeeded in the decoration and style of decorative blinds & shades in each space, with the ease that we have today of being able to combine different styles of these in the same home and thus enjoy different environments, managing to rest and relax moving from one environment to another; For our example in the room include black out, the study or reading room aluminum or wood blinds and in the main room the Sheer Elegance.

7, Durability Resistance Decorative blinds & shades!

decorative blinds

The decorative blinds & shades are elements that provide us with great benefits in terms of durability and resistance due to the quality of their materials and the function they fulfill, they are also little manipulated because they are an element that does not change location and when making a correct installation and choosing the ones. Suitable decorative blinds & shades will last a long time. This is why it is worth making a good initial investment in these elements that provide us with so much benefit and comfort.

In a next post, we will focus on the decorative aspect of the decorative blinds & shades and how they determine the final result of all our decoration.



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