Smart curtains and electric curtains should not be confused

Many friends should be confused. Aren’t smart day to night blackout blinds and electric curtains the same? But the names are different, and the functions such as automatic operation are the same! In fact, I thought they were twins before, but they are not the same body after all. There are still many differences.

Difference in operation

The first is the difference in operation. Although the two types of curtains can use the remote control to operate the curtains, the operating principles are completely different. Electric curtains are mainly operated by infrared remote control, wireless remote control, etc., just like remote control TV dramas. The reason why smart day to night blackout blinds add intelligence is closely related to the Internet. The WIFI module pushes the Internet operation to Dengfeng. Users can operate the curtains through mobile phones. Even if the mobile phone controls the curtains, it is not afraid of a sudden storm.

Although the operation of smart curtains is very high-end, I have a question. If the mobile phone suddenly loses network or power, can the intelligent operation continue to be implemented?

day to night blackout blinds

Functional difference

The second is the difference in function. Smart curtains are electric curtains with certain intelligent operation, adjustment and control functions. It adjusts curtains such as automatically adjusting light intensity, air humidity, and balancing room temperature according to indoor environmental conditions. There are also three outstanding features: intelligent light control, intelligent rain control, and intelligent wind control. Electric curtains are relatively rigid, and the user’s operation is its action.

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Difference in installation

Then there is the difference in installation. There are two types of electric curtain motors, single-track or double-track curtains. If you install single-track curtains in your home, you need one, and you need two double-track curtains. The curtains of smart curtains are generally equipped with smart motors + running tracks + remote controls + lithium batteries + smart home gateways and other equipment. With the development of technology, there are currently solutions to the difficult problem of installation.

day to night blackout blinds

Different consumer groups

Finally, there is a difference in consumer groups. After all, intelligence is still a big thing for young people, so the users of smart curtains are young people, and intelligence is a trouble for others. The restriction of the crowd has also caused the consumer market of smart curtains to be biased towards young people. Although smart curtains are more fashionable, they also have some disadvantages. Friends with other people in the family are more troublesome, and family disharmony will come out if you are not careful.

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