Day Night Blinds

This type of avant-garde day and night roller blinds are made with two layers of fabric, alternating transparent with translucent or blackout layers. When activating the extension or collection mechanism of the roller blind, we superimpose some strips with others, regulating the light and privacy from the outside. We are going to learn how to assemble this type of blinds in a very simple way.

day night blinds
Day Night Blinds fabric manufacturer

How to mount day and night blinds?

The first thing we have to do is verify the material that the blinds should bring with them: night and day blinds, brackets, drawer, trim, screws, plugs, and installation instructions.

Second, we must have the necessary tools to proceed with its installation: screwdriver, drill, meter, pencil, level, square and hammer.

First installation steps


We must calculate half the drawer of the day and night blinds and the window. We will measure with the meter what the window measures and we will mark the right midpoint of the window. With the pencil, we will make a small mark that we will call X.

Once the middle of the window has been marked, we will project a point up to the height where we want to install the drawer night and day.

Let’s take as an example that we want to install the night and day blind 15 cm above the window frame. We must project a line from point X upwards of 15 cm to mark the height where the drawer will be installed. At this point, we will call it Y.

day night blinds
Day Night Blinds

Measure the roller blind

From point Y we will measure the distance of the middle of the roller blinds, and subtract 5-10 cm and mark a point with a pencil. At this point, we will call it Z.

Once we have marked the point Z (Z.1) that corresponds to the upper right corner of the support of the drawer of the day night blinds, we will have to mark the holes to drill with the help of the pencil.

After marking the holes, the next step will be to drill in the holes and insert the plugs and screw the bracket to the wall.

day night blinds
measurement of day night roller blinds

Blind support installation

Once we have the second support inserted, we will attach the drawer to the support installed on the wall with the help of the level, we will level the drawer horizontally to be able to mark a line that will help us to mark the holes and be able to install the second support on the wall. .

The next step will be to mark the second support. To do this, we will remove the support from the drawer and put it on the line that we will have marked on the wall. With the help of the pencil we will mark the two holes of the support.

Finishing the installation of the blind

We will drill in the marked holes, insert the plugs and screw the bracket to the wall. We will feel the drawer so that it is square with respect to the window, leaving the same distance to the window frame.

Finally, we will fit the drawer on the supports (remember, first insert the front part and press the back part upwards). Your roller blind day and night is ready for use and enjoyment.

UNITEC Textile Decoration day night blinds collection

At UNITEC Textile Decoration we send you a step-by-step installation guide, so you don’t have any problems when assembling the day night roller blinds.

With several models to choose from, such as this Odín Blind 10 different colors/models you can find 3 types of finish, wood, marble, and linen.

Translucent blinds UNITEC Textile Decoration

If you prefer wood, you will love the Translucent collection. Translucent transparent fabric stripes with translucent fabric stripes with imitation wood texture.

The ability to control the light by blocking it completely and an elegant design with a wood finish. This option is possible thanks to the innovation and development of the new night and day roller blinds. With a system of horizontal stripes that combine transparent stripes for the entry of light and stripes on opaque or translucent fabrics.

Wooden day night blind

Our collection of Minerva wood blind is ideal for any window in the home, both bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens. The blackout wood-finished day and night blinds offer the possibility of total control of the light that we want to affect our home. Alternate horizontal stripes in blackout wood finish fabric in light wood, dark wood, or pine colors. It is composed entirely of polyester which makes it a high-quality day and night blinds and very resistant to the passage of time.

These types of products that dress your windows continue to grow over time, due to their ease of installation, the combination of colors, shapes, and materials. The best option is to buy curtains and blinds online, being made-to-measure manufacturers you make sure that it will be perfect in your favorite corner.

At UNITEC Textile Decoration, we are professionals in custom made curtains and blinds, we have a wide catalog and budgets without waiting. Right now you can know your budget on the web.



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