What are day - night blinds in the interior and what are their characteristics.

The main elements of a cozy and beautiful interior are blinds and curtains. There is a huge variety of blinds, curtains and accessories on the market today. Curtains and blinds are not only used to decorate a room. They have an even more important function – they act as a means of sun protection. Practical day – night blinds are one of the popular contemporary models.

What is the difference between day - night blinds and other models?

This type of blind has won the trust and love of consumers all over the world. The unique design of day – night blinds allows you to control the amount of sunlight and light that enters your home.


day-night blinds

Advantages of day - night blinds

When furnishing the interior of a room, day and night blinds will be an ideal solution for the following reasons:

  • 1. Easy to control the flow of sunlight. Unlike other models, this type of blind does not have to be fully opened, it is enough to move the fabric strips to increase or limit the flow of light.

  • 3. Many shades and patterns. For each interior design a separate model can be found.

  • 4. Product versatility. When purchasing “Day-Night” blinds, there is no need to purchase additional items such as curtains, tulle;

5. Reliability. This roller blind is characterized by a long service life and a reliable mechanical control system. In the manufacture of high-quality fabrics, fabrics impregnated with special antimicrobial agents are often used.

How to properly maintain this type of blinds?

  • Day -night blinds are easy to maintain and affordable. These blinds are easy to clean with a damp cloth. However, not all of them are properly cleaned. For example: Using a vacuum cleaner can affect the integrity of the fabric; Harsh chemicals or abrasives can discolor and damage fabrics.

day-night blinds

Experts recommend the following options:

To care for the blinds, you need to use napkins, mostly soft fabric; Soapy water is allowed. In case of stubborn stains, apply a soap solution, let it sit for a while, then rinse with clean water. After cleaning, the material must be completely removed and allowed to dry.


Interior day - night blinds

Day – night blinds – Modern and beautiful, it brings comfort to the bedroom. For terraces, you can buy curtains with anti-reflective and thermal insulation layers. But for the kitchen – not the best solution, because they absorb odors. Proper selection of blinds can ensure total darkness of the room, so they will come in handy in bedrooms or children’s rooms when you need to create all the conditions for relaxation and sleep.

day-night blinds

Why choose day - night blinds

  • Obviously, everyone will choose the type of blinds or curtains that best suits their interior. But this model of blinds is suitable for any type of interior design and design, and with the wide variety of shades and textures available on the market, it is possible to choose exactly which model is more suitable for a bedroom, living room or even a bathroom.

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