Top 5 reasons to choose customized roller blinds

Customized roller blinds are roller blinds that are specially made for you. You decide how wide and how high the roller blind should be. You also determine the color, fabric, design, and other options. Customized roller blinds are ideal because they completely match your window frame, which takes up little space and works very easily. If you opt for a custom roller blind, you can enjoy your roller blind for a long time, because customization lasts a long time.

Longer life span

Customization lasts longer. Customized roller blinds are of high quality. The parts are better than a ready-made roller blind and therefore a custom roller blind has a longer lifespan. You also have a warranty on a custom roller blind, so if a problem occurs, this problem will be solved immediately, or you will receive a new product.

customized roller blinds

Fits perfectly

Customized roller blinds can be produced with millimeter precision. For example, almost every roller blind can be made to fit your room. Custom roller blinds can also be made wider and larger than off-the-shelf roller blinds and fit your wall with minimal gaps.

Quality and appearance

  • The quality of a custom roller blind is very high. This ensures that the roller blind has a beautiful and luxurious appearance, and that the product lasts a long time. The fabric is thicker and therefore less likely to wrinkle. The bottom slat is also heavier, so that the roller blind hangs nice and tight.  
customized roller blinds


  • You can request samples of our products in the color and fabric you are interested in, then you must measure the size you need. You can order through the website, and we will make your customized roller blinds for you as soon as we receive the order.


  • A custom roller blind has a luxurious look. The fabric is cut to size with a laser, so there is no fraying. In addition, you can choose from various options to ensure that the roller blind looks even better. Think, for example, of a metal chain or a luxurious cassette around the roll. 

The difference between ready-made roller blinds and customized roller blinds

Of course, you can buy ready-made roller blinds and make them yourself, but this is delicate work. You’ll need to spend a lot of time doing it, and there are several downsides to customizing roller blinds yourself.

customized roller blinds

No guarantee

  • If you make custom roller blinds yourself, you no longer have a guarantee on that roller blind. If a problem arises, even if it has nothing to do with the shortening, your warranty will be void. 

Measurement error

Measure with off-the-shelf roller blinds you make yourself, and you will most likely make the mistake of cutting out the width. To shorten the width, it’s best to remove unnecessary fabric first, because if you remove too much, you won’t be able to get it back. You also must work precisely to cut or cut the fabric.

Workmanship difference

  • If you compare it with customized roller blinds , the finish of homemade roller blinds will be a bit less.The fabric is laser cut to the size of the custom product, so it is very tight. You must cut the fabric from ready-made roller blinds to size yourself, and then the fabric often frays. The materials used in custom roller blinds are of better quality and more luxurious. 

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