The advantages and disadvantages of six curtain materials

Curtain for us seems to be a thing that is dispensable, in fact, if the window of the home, do not install curtain, indoor light adjustment, the contrast is quite large. Either it is suddenly particularly dazzling, or it is dark at home, and everyone has to turn on a soft light to supplement the light source. If you install a gauze curtain at home, when the light is particularly harsh, but there is a need for light in the room, you can open the thick curtain and draw the custom outdoor roller blinds.

The advantages of custom outdoor roller blinds:

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1.Screen brightness can be adjusted at will

Compared with the cloth curtain, the shading effect of the gauze curtain can be easily adjusted, and different lighting effects can be achieved by adjusting the overlap of the transparent yarn and the soft curtain.

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custom outdoor roller blinds

The advantages of gauze curtains:

2.The noise of the gauze curtain is small

The control mode of the custom outdoor roller blinds are usually controlled by the bead rope, and the crystal bead after the silent design is smooth and the noise is very small.


3. The style of gauze curtain is unique and fashionable


The gauze curtain is spread from South Korea, so its style retains a slight Korean flavor, giving people a stylish and elegant, relaxed and casual feeling, suitable for young women or children.


4. The gauze curtain is easy to clean


The cleaning of the gauze curtain is simple, usually only need to use a feather duster, vacuum cleaner or hair dryer to clean the dust on the surface. When the stain is more obvious, you can use a wet soft cloth or sponge to wipe the curtain, if necessary, you can also add a small amount of neutral detergent to assist cleaning.


5.The gauze curtain occupies a small space


Compared with the traditional fabric custom outdoor roller blinds, the gauze curtain occupies a small space, and is especially small when used in a small space, so it is especially suitable for small rooms.

custom outdoor roller blinds

The shortcomings of the screen custom outdoor roller blinds:

1.The privacy of the curtain is not high


When the gauze curtain wants to be completely closed, it is necessary to adjust the overlap between the transparent yarn and the soft curtain, and there may be some gaps, if you want to deal with private things indoors, it is more troublesome.


2. Bead rope is easy to jam


The gauze curtain is controlled by the bead rope. After the bead rope is used for a long time, it is easy to have problems such as dun card.

The advantages and disadvantages of six curtain materials:

First, flannel curtain


Advantages: soft feel, strong drooping feeling, chemical reaction between dye and fiber, strong color fastness.


Disadvantages: strong suction, heavy and not easy to clean.


Second, cotton and linen curtain


Advantages: Good moisture absorption performance, soft luster, simple and natural.


Disadvantages: lack of elasticity, easy to fold after cleaning, easy to shrink out of shape, easy to fade.


Three, plastic aluminum shutter curtain


Advantages: Good shading effect, easy to clean, suitable for installation in the kitchen.


Disadvantages: can not shield mosquitoes, although the color on the market is increasing, but the beauty is not as good as the traditional fabric curtain.


Four, wood curtain


The wooden curtain is divided into wood, bamboo, reed and rattan.


Advantages: strong decoration, good air permeability, can show style and taste, natural and simple.


Disadvantages: opaque, high price, bamboo curtain is easy to grow mold, reed curtain is easy to grow insects.


Five, polyester curtains


Advantages: waterproof and oil proof, non-toxic and cool, sun fast, acid and alkali resistant.


Disadvantages: moisture absorption, air permeability, poor dyeing performance.


Six, gauze curtain


Advantages: elegant and light, beautiful and cool, good moisture absorption.


Disadvantages: no shading, shrinkage easy wrinkle, easy fading.

custom outdoor roller blinds

The above is the relevant knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of gauze curtains for you today. I believe that after reading the story, you have a simple understanding of the information about the curtain, right? Of course, in the last paragraph of the text for everyone to tell about the advantages and disadvantages of gauze curtains. In fact, it is good and bad, rather it depends on how you use it.

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