How to make custom fabric blinds?

When we start decorating our homes we think about doing it in several ways. We know perfectly the type of blinds that best fit our living rooms or other rooms. So why don’t we opt for custom fabric blinds? Below we explain how to make custom fabric blinds.

custom fabric blinds
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How to make photo custom fabric blinds?

It is very simple, you just have to choose a high-resolution image. That photo that immortalizes a memory, a feeling … The good thing about personalized blinds is that it is printed on a top-quality fabric, in fiberglass, the best on the market today, and with a 1% opening factor.

custom fabric blinds

The other option on how to make personalized blinds is to choose an image that they offer us from the image bank or, to capture that phrase that defines our personality or gives us enough energy to start the morning and we need to read every time we wake up.

These blinds are perfect for any room as we find ideal images for the kitchen, personalized children’s blinds with your baby’s name or office blinds, among others.

Do you dare to design your own blinds? feel like a real interior designer.

What is the opening factor?

The opening factor of the blinds can be from 10%, this being the most open to 1%, this being the most closed. When we talk about the opening factor, we are referring to the amount of light that passes through the blind, in other words, the degree of opacity.

How much this factor is? the more light we will allow to enter the room, while if the opening factor is the lowest, we will be talking about a practically blackout blind. The average is 5%.

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