What are the uses of soft yarn zebra roller blinds, and what should be paid attention to when installing them?

Do you really know the usefulness of soft gauze curtains and custom blinds near me? Have you used it properly? Next, let the editor take you to understand!

1.Product description

Soft gauze curtains can also be called zebra curtains, rainbow curtains, soft silk, dimming roller blinds, and double-layer roller blinds. It is a semi-blackout curtain, which is very psychedelic because of the staggered light feeling, but there are also full-blackout roller blinds made of different materials.

The soft yarn roller blind is a kind of textile woven by horizontal pieces of fabric with equal width and gauze at intervals. One end is fixed, and the other end is rolled with the shaft to adjust the amount of light entering. When the drapes are overlapped, the incoming light is softer, reducing the direct sunlight to a certain extent. When the curtains are staggered, the light is completely blocked, so that the purpose of half blocking the light is finally achieved. 

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 When the shade needs to be fully opened, pull the roller to roll up the shade completely and let the sun shine in. The soft gauze curtain combines the warmth of ordinary curtains, the simplicity of sunshade roller blinds, and the dimming function of venetian blinds. The manual operation is simple, the sunshade method is various, and it does not block the view and does not affect the ventilation. Whether it is a home or an office, it can show a beautiful and economical atmosphere.

2.Introduction of zebra blinds

Zebra soft sheer curtains are divided into semi-shading and full-shading, choose the appropriate sunshade according to the needs of your place. For example, if the office is not on the sunny side, you can choose half-shading curtains, and you can enjoy the beautiful realm of natural light intake without turning on the lights. And if the bedroom at home is on the sunny side, you must choose full blackout soft gauze curtains. 

If You Don’t Want To Be Woken Up By The Sun At Six Or Seven O’clock On Weekends, Full Blackout Is The Best Choice. For Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Hotels And Restaurants, Etc., It Is Necessary To Find A Professional Beijing Soft Gauze Curtain Installation Company According To The Purpose And Orientation. To Achieve The Perfect Door-To-Door Installation Service.

3. The price of soft sheer curtains

How much is the price of soft yarn sunshade roller blinds? Generally, it ranges from tens of yuan to one hundred yuan, and it depends on whether an electric motor is installed. Installing an electric control will cost three to four hundred yuan per square meter to calculate the price. 

The on-site measurement is generally free, and a part of the installation service fee may be added. Therefore, for a window of 3-4 square meters, the general cost is five or six hundred, and the electric roller shutter is more than one thousand yuan.

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4.Soft curtain after sale

The after-sales service of soft yarn sunshades is also a major difficulty in the industry. After many users have used it for several years, the electronically controlled automatic or manual reel track is not so flexible, and it is likely that the motor will be stuck and burned, or the situation will be one-sided. It is recommended to choose a regular curtain company with a ten-year warranty to serve you.

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