Learn to know the types and styles of curtains and learn to be a little master of life.

Curtains can block the sun, can relieve the heat, can protect the privacy of you and your family, so almost every household has to hang curtains shades. But do you really know the types and styles of curtains? Let’s learn to be a little master of life with UNITEC.

Types and styles of curtains shades:

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Although the curtain we see is a piece, it is not a single individual, but is composed of three major parts, curtain body, accessories and accessories. First, the curtain body is composed of three parts: window curtain, window body and window screen. The fabric of the window curtain is generally consistent with the window body, and the styles are tiled, water wave, comprehensive, discounted, and so on. Finally, accessories, from the side hook, tie, window hook, window belt, with heavy objects. Secondly, the auxiliary materials are composed of window cherry, curtains shades ring, sash, lace, window flap interlining cloth, etc.

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curtains shades

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Thickness: 0.43±5%mm

curtains shades

Types and styles of curtains shades:

There are four kinds of commonly used curtain fabric materials, namely artificial cotton, natural cotton, polyester and acrylic, of which cotton fabrics are heat-resistant and moisture-absorbing; Polyester sunfast, wear-resistant, not afraid of hot, feel better; Acrylic is sun-fast, warm and feels good.

Room darkening window treatments are designed to block light and add privacy to a room. These window coverings can range from heavy drapes or drapes that cover entire windows to blinds or drapes with blackout features. They are perfect for bedrooms, media rooms, or any space where you want to control the amount of light entering the room. Room darkening fabric helps create a peaceful and comfortable environment for sleeping, working, or relaxing. They also provide additional insulation, which can help decrease energy costs by keeping rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

curtains shades

Curtain type and style: size selection

One kind of curtain cloth is fixed height cloth, the other is fixed width cloth, and the fixed height cloth means that the height of the curtain cloth is fixed, there are 2.8 and 2.1m; Fixed width cloth means that its width is fixed, 1.45m; We should combine the size of their own window to calculate the size of the curtain. If there is a pattern on the curtain fabric, consider the splicing problem.

Types and styles of curtains: What are the styles

According to the lighting points, transparent, semi-transparent, opaque, in addition to considering personal preferences, the use of space is also a consideration, such as the bedroom is best to choose opaque, to ensure the quality of sleep. According to the structure, simple, guide, box, this can be determined according to personal preferences;

Divided by length, French window, bay window, half window and high curtain. The floor-to-ceiling Windows are suitable for floor-to-ceiling glass Windows; Bay Windows are suitable for Windows with wider sills; Half window according to the window type, the bottom of the curtain exceeds the window sill about 30 cm and does not touch the ground; High curtains are generally installed on Windows without window boxes, and the decoration is relatively strong. According to the form, ordinary curtain, lifting curtain, Roman curtain. Among them, ordinary curtains are suitable for box curtains, which can be matched with curtain eyebrows: lifting curtains are hung like blinds, folded up and raised: Roman rods are generally installed on Windows without window boxes, and are highly decorative.

curtains shades

Know the types and styles of curtains learn to do life small master! You have to take life one step at a time, so why not make it more comfortable? I hope that the types and styles of curtains organized in this article can make your home icing on the cake!

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