4 curtains sound insulation, sound absorption common problems take you to understand

Modern people attach importance to privacy and quality of life, like to have a quiet small world, but also hope that in the self space can be happy indulgence does not affect the next door neighbors, then sound insulation is very important. In addition to soundproof design, many interior designers will also recommend choosing curtains with soundproof or sound-absorbing effect to reduce ambient noise. Let’s fix the curtains problems.

Q1. Do the curtains have sound insulation?

First of all, we understand from the principle of “curtains have sound insulation effect” this question. When the wavelength of sound meets obstacles, three phenomena will occur: sound rebound,absorption, and penetration. 

Therefore, sound insulation and sound absorption for 2 concepts, sound insulation is mainly sound reflection, and sound absorption is sound absorption, generally curtains are designed with cloth, pendant, level crease more, can increase the absorption volume area, reduce reflection, unless the curtain complete close frame, otherwise the general curtain is unable to achieve sound insulation effect, mainly sound absorption based.

curtains problems

Q2. What are the soundproof curtains on the market?

There are still soundproof curtain products on the market, what is the principle of this soundproof curtain?

In fact, the sound insulation curtain is the curtain up and down completely embedded curtain slide rail and the bottom slot, and in the bottom slot position with sealing strip, in order to achieve the closing effect to sound insulation. But this curtain sound insulation effect is limited, want to complete the removal of noise sound insulation effect, or with other sound insulation design!

curtains problems

Q3. Does the curtain have good sound-absorbing effect and sound insulation effect?

After choosing the place, material and color, the next most important thing is the shading rate. Blackout curtains don’t have just one blackout rate, but rather four levels:

curtains problems

Q4. Sound-absorbing curtain with air-tight window, can have sound insulation effect?

That if the purchase of curtains, in addition to the selection of curtains with sound absorption effect, with sound insulation air-tight Windows can have sound insulation effect? 

The answer is yes, the purpose of air-tight window design is to isolate the outside noise, and sound-absorbing curtain can help absorb sound, that is, sound insulation, sound-absorbing 2 principles, collocation of air-tight window and sound-absorbing curtain can reduce the sound volume about 30 decibels, want to make the space quieter, may wish to try this collocation design oh!

curtains problems

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