Curtain measurement method 3 steps and precautions to understand at a time

How do you measure the curtains? Just moved to a new home, or bought a new house, home decoration is inevitably more simple, at the same time the curtain may also be in the future and installation, the sun directly into the room during the day, at night and worry about no privacy, anxious to install curtains to shade and shelter privacy. But to install curtains in the home, how to measure the size of the curtains?

Step 1: Measure the width of the curtain

How do you measure the curtains? First of all, we should know that the curtain size is not the same size as the window, the appropriate curtain should be able to block light and heat insulation, if there is only a good idea to cover, only measure the size of the window, but can not completely cover, also lose the importance of the curtain. 

Therefore, the curtain measurement method in the width, must be added by the two sides of the window frame more than 10 cm distance, is the most suitable width of the curtain, but also to reduce the light from the side wall exposed.

curtains measures

Step 2: Measure the length of the curtain

Curtain measurement in addition to the width is very important, the length can not be underestimated, first of all to confirm that your window is “French window” or “half window”. As for the “French window”, the distance from the top of the track to the floor must be reduced by 1~2 cm in the measurement of the curtain; 

On the contrary, if the “half waist window”, it is the upper edge of the track to the bottom of the window frame, increase the distance of 15~20 cm, the two curtain measurement method is not the same, but also one of the key points to pay attention to the curtain size measurement oh!

curtains measures

Step 3: Decide on the style and pattern of the curtains

Depending on the occasion and the design, the function and needs of curtains also change. In the case of offices, most blinds are transparent, while in bedrooms, dimming curtains or traditional cloth curtains are used. 

In the style, there will be a choice of double open, left open and right open. If there is an art track on the upper side, there will be delicate patterns on both sides to occupy some space. Therefore, in how to measure the width and length of the curtain, we must reduce a few centimeters!

4.Curtain size measurement precautions take you to see

1. Whether there are obstacles
In the curtain size measurement matters, many people often quickly measure the length and width, immediately ask for a quote, but the most often ignored is whether there are obstacles in the window. 

So when measuring the size of the curtain, we should pay attention to whether there is a plug on the wall, or whether there is a cabinet in the corner, or there will be other items placed on the lower edge. These will affect the shelter of the curtain, but also interfere with the accuracy of the measurement!

curtains measures

2. The amount of drapes
Different curtain material, in the beauty and shelter of many differences. Curtain multiple is mainly measured after the size, according to different discount to estimate, if there is no discount curtain will look monotonous, shading will be poor, the sense of drape will not be good. Generally speaking, the market wants to make a discount curtain effect, the amount of cloth will catch 1.5 times to 2.4 times, will be adjusted according to different needs.

3. Installation and measurement must be considered together
Many curtains will be installed with window frames, curtain boxes or curtain rods, each kind of curtain measurement method is not the same, but also the eyebrow Angle of curtain measurement precautions.

 If you need to install a window frame, the measurement on both sides of the increase of 10 cm as the basis; If the curtain box is installed, the width and length of the measurement should be calculated from the inside of the curtain box; If the length of the curtain rod is 15 cm more than the width of the window on both sides, the shading is enough and the visual sense will be better.

curtains measures

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