Five best locations of curtains

Home curtains to use what color according to the living atmosphere you want to pursue has a relationship, and different space function is different. Such as living room, bedroom, more different curtain color choice, immediately take you to see the curtain color choice big fill post, choose the right curtain color to make the curtains location more comfortable.

1.Choose plain shades for your bedroom curtain

It is more like the pursuit of warm sense of the people, you can match the color totem of the warm color system. If the children’s room is suggested to use geometric bright color curtains.

Bedroom is usually on behalf of quiet, rest and other meanings, curtain color choice will be mostly calm plain color curtain for the bulk. 

curtains location

The color choice of curtains should be based on the overall color of the room, or the use of similar colors, to separate the level of depth and light, to create a harmonious and quiet home atmosphere.

You want to show personalized homeowners, you can also try to use a combination of contrasting colors

curtains location

2. Living room curtain color choice white, gray, bright color system

The living room is mainly to entertain guests, where family gatherings live, will vary according to the style of the home owner preferences, common curtain color choice for white, give a person neat and generous feeling;

Grey system, with simple, low-key feeling; Bright colors represent hospitality and fun.

3.Dining room curtain color choose warm colors

For the restaurant, in order to increase appetite, in the curtain color choice will recommend warm colors, and then according to the different themes of the restaurant to design color patterns, if it is the pursuit of Mediterranean cuisine, it will recommend blue and white shades of curtains.

curtains location

4.Location: Choose bright colors for curtains in the study

Work and study will be in the study, so in order to speed up their work efficiency and focus, in the curtain color recommended semi-transparent line design, mainly to bright color system, more vigor and vitality.

curtains location

5.Location: Bathroom curtain color choose semi-transparent blinds

The bathroom is a place with concealment, but due to heavy humidity, the curtain must have the function of light transmittance. 

 It is recommended to choose the color of the curtain with semi-light transmittance geometric totem, and the design of shuttered blinds gives consideration to both privacy and light transmittance.

curtains location

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