Curtains combination is fashionable: 6 Combinations you should know

Curtains combination is a great option. Why settle for one option when choosing your curtains? Because the choice of your curtain to dress your space is a very important decision since each type of curtain offers you a different decorative environment and lighting.

Curtains combination with different types of fabrics is a trend in decoration, it allows us to modernize our space and increase the possibilities of creating unique environments.


1. Sheer curtains and decorative curtain combination:

It may be the most classic and traditional combination of all, but the truth is that it does not go out of style. It allows you to provide freshness and warmth to your home depending on the opening and closing combinations of each of the fabrics, apart from being able to control the brightness of the room. There are infinite color combinations and it is an advantage when dressing your space as you wish. Recommended for salons.

2. Screen blinds combined with decorative curtain:

On the one hand, depending on the degree of opening, we can sift the light while we can give a decorative touch to our space.

On the other hand, combining screen curtains with decorative curtains is booming, since the possibilities are numerous. In addition, modern decorative results can be achieved with the desired light control. Recommended for living rooms with large entrances of light, kitchens, libraries, or offices.

3. How to combine sheer and blackout curtains?

We can see this combination in many hotels and in rooms of homes where what is rewarded is the option of blocking sunlight. Combining it with a curtain allows giving an elegant touch to the decoration of the space at the same time as taking advantage of the sunlight. Recommended for rooms or rooms where total darkness is sought without giving up an elegant touch (dining rooms with large windows, bedrooms, etc.).

4. Blackout curtain combined with decorative curtain:

Perhaps we are talking about the least demanded combination. Still, the truth is that it is becoming fashionable for many interior designers. These look for a strong color combination without sacrificing sunlight control. For this reason, it is ideal for spaces or rooms with a large entrance of light and where you want to reduce it, being able to achieve very outstanding decorative results.

Therefore, these types of combinations are especially recommended for bedrooms or living rooms.

5. Screen blinds and blackout curtains combination:

Very fashionable today. In this case, the objective is to combine two types of sunlight input, being able to choose a screen with a greater or lesser degree of aperture to achieve optimal light input and an opaque one to achieve total darkness. Therefore, it is recommended for bedrooms or living rooms (for example living room that makes a home cinema room).

6. Decorative curtain combined with sheer curtains and blackout curtain:

For the most demanding, since it is the least used option but unique results are achieved. This is due to the fact that Curtains combination of the three types of fabrics allows to achieve unique decorative results and control three options of allowing the entry of light from the outside. Therefore, we recommend this combination for living rooms or bedrooms.

Curtains combination: GET MODERNIZED:

Go ahead and dress your spaces in fashion with one of these curtains combinations that we have proposed. Remember, each combination seeks a unique and different result depending on the fabrics you are combining.

Do you have doubts about what type of curtains is ideal for your space? Luckily, if you have questions about the types of fabric and curtains, we put at your disposal everything you need to know about the curtain models that exist and their characteristics.

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