Choose Five top colors of curtains

Choosing functional curtains is a must, but choosing the right color is also important! Choosing the right one can not only make the indoor environment more beautiful, but also bring good feng shui to the home, so what should be used for curtains? 5 color guide to take you to see!

curtains color

1. Warm Floral Totem Curtain

  • The design of flower totem is a common element in the home. The flower pattern represents the vibrant and bright significance, and it is rich enough. With the choice of warm color curtains, the warmth of the home space can be greatly enhanced.

2.Plain dark curtains

If you like low-key and sedate style, what color is more suitable for the curtain? Murray curtain recommended to choose “plain face dark series”, this kind of curtain does not have too many patterns, simple and single plain face, with a calm sense of dark tone, let a person step into the space feel quiet and stable.

curtains color

3.Earth striped curtain

If you want the interior space to give a relaxed, comfortable feeling, what color should be used for the curtains? The classic “earth color Striped Curtain” will definitely suit your needs! Simple straight lines, give people a sense of order, with the earth to add a sense of softness, through this common color in nature, can naturally relax the tense mood. If you want to increase the sense of visual space, earth striped curtains will also indirectly raise the feeling of space.

curtains color

4.Light colors are geometric curtains

  • If the home furniture is monotonous, then the curtain color choice is recommended to pick light color, with geometric modeling of the curtain, in addition to a lively sense, geometric patterns can add visual richness of the home, with light color system let people’s eyes bright oh!

curtains color

5.Totem curtains in bright

Want to create elegant and rich home environment? Then curtain color choice absolutely must be “bright color system totem”. Totem pattern is very imposing, very suitable for larger space, choose bright colors together to do collocation, will also let the home to bring wealth and noble gas!

curtains color

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