Five Don'ts for Curtains

The dilemma of curtains taboo. Everywhere to see strategy, ask for advice, run stores, and finally failed to safely ashore. So today, all the curtain selection strategy, summed up as “10 don’t do, 10 do”, this simple and easy to understand the form, to show you clearly. I believe that after reading, you choose the curtain, will not be entangled.

1.Area: do not do half of the wall, do the whole wall

I don’t have floor-to-ceiling Windows, so some people might think, well, to save money, I’m just going to set the curtains in my house according to the size of the Windows.Unless it’s a Shangri-La curtain at home, don’t do it, because the effect is very stingy. Including the bay window, but also try not to only do the curtain of the bay window, my home was on this overturned, it is not beautiful, but also affect lighting!

Curtain taboo

The right thing to do is to cover not only the top and bottom, but also the left and the right. A whole wall with Windows, curtains, it’s a lot more grand. This is the first cutains taboo.

Curtain taboo

2.Installation Taboo: do not do Roman rod, curtain box + track

At the beginning of the renovation. You’ll have to decide whether to make Roman poles or curtain boxes. Because if the curtain box needs to be done at the woodworking stage. This is the second Curtain taboo. 

  • So the more recommended is: curtain box, not only everything, but also will not appear the condition of light leakage. It is also more convenient to make double-track curtain + yarn, in addition, if you want to point atmosphere, you can also add a lamp belt, very beautiful.

3.Single and double track: Don't do single track, do double track

Single track, is only installed a layer of curtain cloth, no yarn, not recommended, because open the curtain is the window, if the opposite live, will face embarrassment. To open the curtain at the expense of privacy? Or close the curtain at the expense of lighting? Let’s see the Curtain taboo.

Double track is curtain + yarn, which can ensure privacy, without sacrificing lighting, and the light shines through the gauze curtain, gentle and comfortable, so it is recommended to recommend double track.

Roman rod, don’t give up, there is still a way to make curtain + gauze.

Curtain taboo

4.Color Taboo: do solid color

Don’t make patchwork curtains! General aesthetic people, really can’t hold this thing, hotel elaborate design, sometimes overturned. What is the Curtain taboo of the color?

  • To go with everything, and do not turn over, choose a solid color, texture can choose matte, very durable.

Curtain taboo

5.Fold: do not do 1.5 times, 1.8 times fold, do 2 times fold

The number of folds also affects the texture. The color curtains we talked about above are less folds, only 1.5 times folds visually. Of course, there are more careless ones, when the folds are 1 times, it is more like a piece of cloth covering the window.

Curtain taboo

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