How to choose the curtain fabric? A short guide.

Curtain fabric
how to choose the curtain fabric

Choosing the curtain fabric is one of those doubts that may arise. Luckily the possibilities of choosing curtain fabrics are many and varied.

But beyond colors, thicknesses, and sizes, we want to make a short guide with the characteristics of the different curtain fabrics that currently exist. We will try to dispel any doubts in the election.

Fabric sample for curtain fabric

Before choosing the color of curtain fabric or the size a detail that is often overlooked is the material of the curtains. It is a fundamental detail since depending on the use that we are going to give it, we must choose one or the other. Not all fabrics are the same. Let’s see one by one what benefits each of the fabrics offers us:

Polyester curtain fabric

Polyester is the most widely used synthetic fabric in the world.

One of the most used curtain fabrics and rollers blinds fabrics. Polyester is resistant, wrinkle-free, and absorbent which makes it ideal for use in home decoration. These three characteristics make it an ideal fabric for curtains located outdoors and indoors. As if that were not enough, it is a fabric that respects the environment since it can be reused.

It supports stretching well and is resistant to sunlight. In fact, there is a range of products with polyester to which a fireproof treatment is applied that makes it resistant to fire. A detail to take into account.


PVC is a component that, when joined with polyester or fiberglass, makes the fabric even more resistant. We are also facing a product resistant to water and fire.

At UNITEC, the fabrics used are made of a mixture of polyester and PVC, fiberglass and PVC, or just polyester. An intelligent way to take advantage of the virtues of each one of them.


Its ability to isolate is the most valued. That is why it is ideal as a thermal, electrical, and acoustic insulator curtain fabric. But the main characteristic of fiberglass is its resistance. It must be taken into account that it is a material composed of a large number of very fine agglomerated glass filaments that, when interlaced, make it a really very strong structure.

Its low weight is another of its advantages, being an ideal complement to be used together with other materials such as PVC.


The cotton and the number of colors it allows to play with make it an essential fabric for interior design. The cotton and the number of colors it allows to play with make it an essential curtain fabric for interior design.

Cotton is also used in making curtain fabrics. It is usually accompanied by polyester. The qualities of cotton are well known.

It is the most important natural fiber produced in the world and currently represents almost 50% of the global consumption of textile fibers. It has the ability that it can be dyed in any color. And this last detail makes its use ideal in different areas of the home. For example, it is widely used in the bedroom curtain fabric.


Perhaps we are facing one of the less known materials to make curtains. At least if we compare it with the previous ones. Although actually in UNITEC no curtain or roller blinds are manufactured with this material, it is sometimes used as a compliment. Its main virtue is that it is very smooth and at the same time shiny material. It is as if our curtains are made of silk.

How we can check all the materials used in the making of curtain fabric are varied. But all of the great quality.

UNITEC manufactures roller blinds, Japanese blinds, curtain fabric, and vertical panels with some of these materials to find the perfect union to insulate, protect, and beautify the decoration of the window of your home.



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