How to catch the curtain budget?

Often listen to guests say do not understand the curtain or friends all do xxx price, what curtain budget difference? How to distinguish the market price, let UNITEC take you to understand 

1.Types of curtain budget:

In addition to the traditional common curtain fabric, more and more curtain products appear on the market. From wood shutter, dimming shutter, shutter, organ curtain, vertical flexible gauze curtain, horizontal flexible gauze curtain, so many products do not know how to choose, so how to distinguish the price of the product?

First according to the product price order to arrange: vertical soft gauze curtain > Organ curtain Horizontal soft gauze Curtain > Dimming curtain > Shutter > roller shutters

Of course, the above products will also affect the price because of different origin and brand

curtain budget
curtain budget

2.Organ curtain:

Organ curtain, also known as honeycomb curtain, special accordion folding and placing way, is the only curtain product that can stay in the middle of the window at will, its side hollow like honeycomb design, has a better thermal insulation effect.

Besides, the leaf stack folding and placing way, has the advantage of not occupying space, plus the optional cloth shading or semi-shading, so the flexibility of organ curtain to adapt to various environments, such as: Living room, study, over the bed, room, bathroom, etc…

curtain budget

3.Horizontal soft gauze curtain:

soft gauze curtain is made of environmentally friendly polyester fiber fabric. Through special knitting, a layer of yarn is folded into this non-toxic and harmless fabric. The flexible gauze curtain that opens and closes is very similar to the dimming curtain, both of which have the appearance of horizontal strips with the same spacing. However, when the curtain is fully expanded, the effect of spacing transmission will appear, and the adjustment of light is more hazy than the dimming curtain.

flexible gauze curtain that opens and closes on the left and right is very similar to the common curtain fabric. The sagging curtain also has a curved layout. Through the leaf turnover in the curtain, the curtain creates a three-dimensional or flat effect, so as to adjust the light.curtain budget should be considered.

curtain budget

4.Dimming curtain:

Dimming curtain, also known as zebra curtain, is interwoven by the interval of a cloth and a yarn, so that it looks like zebra stripes as rich line sense, when the solid cloth and transparent yarn surface overlap, the sun is blocked; When the transparent gauze surface overlaps, the light will enter, its operation mode is the same as the curtain, with the concept of double curtain, perfect combination of beauty and functionality, is a popular curtain products in home planning in recent years!

curtain budget


Whether it is the living room, study, bedroom to bathroom can see the louver products, their ventilation, privacy and lighting is excellent. The most common use space is the toilet and the kitchen. If the cloth curtain or curtain is used in the wet space, it will be mildew due to dampness and moisture cannot be dispersed. 

Kitchen lampblack will also have lampblack adsorption and is not easy to clean. The use of shutter curtain products, maintain ventilation and lighting, space convection speed, make the overall environment more comfortable.

curtain budget

6.Rolling curtain

 Curtain products, only eat curtain box 7-10 cm depth (if the French window, or keep 15 cm), put up all above the window and do not account for volume, do not need washing. Good choice for high CP.


curtain budget
curtain budget

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