Still struggling to choose curtains? Understand these points easy to choose curtains

Curtain blinds play a key role in enhancing the beauty of the home and creating a home atmosphere. An elegant and beautiful curtain is not only a good home decoration, but also an important medium for regulating indoor light and heat insulation. So how do you choose curtains?

How to choose the curtain blinds material?

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Curtain materials on the market are roughly divided into cotton yarn, polyester, cotton and linen blend, non-woven fabrics, etc., different materials, colors, textures constitute different styles, and pay attention to when buying:

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How to choose the curtain blinds material?

1. Cotton and hemp are rich in color, breathable, perspirable, comfortable and itchy, but the elasticity is poor.


2. Sand curtain decoration effect is better, can enhance the depth of the interior space, visual effect is excellent, but the shading effect is not good.


3. Fannelette three-dimensional sense, good luster, soft and thick to touch, strong suction ability, heavy material is not easy to clean.


4. Blinds are durable and easy to clean, heat preservation and ventilation, can not shield mosquitoes, and are not as beautiful as other material curtains.


5. Polyester wrinkle resistance and shape retention are very good, but hygroscopic and breathable.

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How to choose the fabric?

There are many kinds of curtain fabrics, which can be selected according to the season:


Cool and breathable linen is available in spring and summer. The linen feels delicate and soft, yet has a touch of simplicity. It has its own unique texture form, faint light. With the Roman rod, more fresh and elegant.


Warm and luxurious flannelette is available in autumn and winter. The weather is cold, need a little warm support on the cloth. Just change a pair of curtains, flannel, velvet and other suede with wool thick fabric, you can create a vintage warm home atmosphere.

How to match colors?

1.Choose a solid color curtain blinds are not easy to make mistakes.


Try to choose a darker color that is similar to the wall color. If the home is white walls, you can consider a neutral color system, such as gray, light brown, light brown are not wrong white.


The color can be selected according to the secondary tone of the family, in addition to the wall and the floor, the secondary tone of the space can be observed, such as coffee tables, carpets, lamps, cushions and ornaments. Similar colors may not be identical.

2.The solid color is monotonous, can consider lively and beautiful pattern curtains.

Choose the upper and lower two colors, you can follow the principle of “deep bottom shallow layer”, the light color in the upper part is longer, and the dark color in the lower part is shorter, which will make the visual height of the house higher.


For a lively style, curtains with colored edges. Or choose patterns such as ripples, stripes, shapes, and colors. The choice of color follows the same as the solid color curtain blinds.

How to choose the fold proportion?

The curtain hanging should have folds to look good, but when we buy, individual businesses will make it buy more in the name of increasing folds, so that it will spend more money. So in general, how many curtains to buy is more appropriate? In general, 1.5-2 times is fine.

The heavier the fabric, the smaller the fold, the better. In general, 1:1.5 is sufficient; Merchants generally recommend 2 times, this ratio is suitable for most Windows, but not all applicable.

The proportion of folds is related to the size of the window and the decoration style, in general, the proportion of American-European folds is relatively large, 2 times or more than 2 times can be, and the proportion of Japanese fresh folds is relatively small.

curtain blinds

Through the introduction, we will share with you the experience of curtain sales and buyers for many years to buy curtains. I hope it will help you with your curtain shopping.

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