Curtain matching skills and color matching method

The curtain is every household must use the object, in many people when the curtain is not only the role of shading privacy, curtain blackout fabric to a large extent have a decorative role.

First, curtain matching skills and color matching method:

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Curtains to a certain extent can reflect the owner’s taste, so many people in the choice of curtains collocation are very careful, want to pick out the most suitable curtain collocation, let’s take a look at the curtain collocation skills and color collocation method.

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curtain blackout fabric

1.Curtain color and wall color consistent:

Curtain:The classic color matching is consistent with the wall color, so that the window area and the wall can be integrated, so that the space becomes a whole, without any color separation, so that the space looks bigger.

curtain blackout fabric

2. The color of curtain blackout fabric is consistent with the color of throw pillows, bedding, carpets, etc

The curtain essentially and throw pillows, carpets, bedding and other fabric materials belong to the same class, so the curtain and these elements are consistent in color, and will inevitably produce a harmonious and unified color matching effect.

3. The color of the curtain is consistent with the color of the furniture or lamps

The furniture in the living room and bedroom is also the main role of the color effect, the color of the curtain blackout fabric and the color of the sofa, the bed head, the lamp, etc., can also bring the overall visual effect.

Second, how to match the color of home curtain blackout fabric

As a reflection of the large area of color curtains in the home, in many cases need to consider the problem of collocation, a good curtain collocation in a sense to determine the overall decorative effect of a room, the home decoration curtains how to match the color?

1.With the same color system, almost a color system, you can easily match, you can match lighter than the sofa color, such as light coffee color, khaki color. 

2.The contrast color collocation appears to be more lively, such as coffee color against ginger *, coffee color against dark green navy blue and so on, the other is to choose white, basic matching. 

3.Semi-tender meat color with semi-dark blue, with flesh color lace. This color contrast curtains, people look very fashionable, the bottom can add a layer of white gauze. 

4.Pure white gauze curtains. For those who like fairies, two layers of white yarn can be used as curtain blackout fabric in the study or living room that do not require complete shading.

curtain blackout fabric

The above is about the curtain matching skills and color matching method, home decoration curtain blackout fabric how to match color, curtain color matching formula related content, I hope to help you!

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