Curtain and Blinds for windows: the perfect tandem for decorating your home

Curtain and Blinds for windows? Many of our clients are faced with the dilemma of which of the two options is more convenient to wear this type of openings.

However, there is no reason to make an exclusive decision. Although they are practical and aesthetic models on their own, there is the possibility of combining the Curtain and Blinds for windows in the same room or window and thus add the benefits of both types.

This union offers very good decorative results since Curtain and Blinds for windows allows providing an extra visual, interesting, and different to the whole room. For this, each part of the binomial is put at the service of the other in order to nuance the light and intimacy of the room. The game between the Curtain and Blinds for windows becomes so varied that it leads to a multitude of environments, from the most modern and casual to the most classic and elegant.

Curtain and Blinds for windows
Curtain and Blinds for windows

In UNITEC, we advise you on the different possibilities for joining the two models, based on aspects such as the size of the room, the rest of the windows, or the general decoration of the space. Contact us without obligation.

Curtain and Blinds for windows

Curtain and Blinds for windows

The combination of the Curtain and Blinds for windows is adaptable to all kinds of environments. This option fits both in those spaces without blinds and in those rooms in which you do not want to give up the advantages that both models provide independently. They are a very practical option to regulate the entry of light. Reserve for the upper curtain a thicker fabric that, when running, slows the entry of light and privacy and for the base, the curtain chooses a flowy fabric that filters the light.

Do not forget that this trend so in vogue generates special attention to the windows, enhancing their style, their clothing, and the general vision of the room.

Classic curtains

On the one hand, the classic UNITEC Curtain and Blinds for windows the light in the room in the most convenient way. On the other hand, the blind is in charge of managing the privacy sought at all times.

In this way, a double decorative and practical result is achieved, which brings a clear note of distinction to our house.

Curtain and blinds for living rooms

Although the most appropriate combination starts from evaluating aspects such as the fabric, the function of the window, the luminosity, and the use that is given to each room, this tandem is especially common in spaces with large windows such as living rooms and in bedrooms.

In these areas, they become first-rate decorative pieces, harmonizing the environment through a more personalized style. In general, this formula is also a good decision to dress the windows of galleries and corridors.

The range of possibilities provided by the pairing between UNITEC Curtain and Blinds for windows is truly wide. In addition, the fact that there are a large number of color and fabric mixes available expands the options even further.

The size of the windows will mark our decision, choosing Curtain and Blinds for windows is a technical and aesthetic decision that will contrast with the rest of the rooms or rooms in the home.

Windows are important when choosing one option or another, if the windows open inwards, the most recommended option is the use of curtains like the ones shown here: types of curtains.

Interior decorators and professionals are almost unanimous when dressing a large window with curtains is the best way to do it. And if you dress each window with a separate curtain, you are sure to be right.

Otherwise, the result ends up ruining the harmony, originality, and style that this pairing exudes. The key is that the connection between the Curtain and Blinds for windows is not burdensome and is pleasing to the eye.

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