What is the use of curtains, is it worth buying expensive?

If the cover up windows could talk, they would have gone to beat the drums to complain. You know, if the curtains are not chosen well, half of the house will be ruined! It’s a pity that the cover up windows can’t open their mouths, and they can only swallow their hearts full of sadness. So here comes the question: What is the use of curtains, and is it worth choosing?

1. Shading—the messenger who adjusts the light

You who can sleep all night with a little light, it is not easy to take a nap at noon without curtains. None of this is a problem if you have a blackout curtain in your bedroom, allowing you to sleep as long as you want. On weekends, enjoy a leisurely afternoon with a cup of coffee and a book. If there are no curtains, this beauty only exists in your imagination. You must know that the light is very strong during noon and afternoon, and reading under strong light is not very good for eyesight. If you choose a venetian blind for the study, or install a layer of window screen for the living room, it will soften the light and create a comfortable atmosphere.

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2. Adjust the indoor temperature - heat insulation in summer and warmth in winter

In the cold winter months, the curtains are the coat of the house, blocking the biting cold wind that wants to drill into the house; while in the hot summer, the curtains are the protective cover of the house, blocking the heat from the smoke outside, so as to prevent the heat from stealing the cold air produced by the air conditioner .

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3. Block ultraviolet rays - sun protection shirts for furniture

Do you know what is the culprit of the fading and aging of the delicate floor, carpet, sofa, bookcase and other furniture in the home? It’s purple! outside! Wire! Hanging curtains is equivalent to putting on a sun protection shirt for the home to protect the appearance of the furniture and prolong the service life of the furniture.

4. Protect privacy - avoid outsiders from disturbing

Home is the most relaxing and undefended place. With curtains as the privacy guard, you can avoid outsiders from disturbing you and protect your life from prying eyes.

5. Dust-proof - guard against dust

Dust is everywhere, especially in dry winter, open the windows for one day and clean for three days. More importantly, letting dust fly into the room is not conducive to the respiratory health of family members. At this time, a curtain of window screen is needed at home, which can not only block most of the dust, but also ventilate and keep the indoor air fresh.

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