What curtains go with white decoration

The curtains that can be matched with white decoration are: 1. Floral fabric curtains, the space dominated by white decoration does not appear monotonous, bringing a rural style; 2. Corded blackout blinds, light in texture, strong in drape, and natural With a sense of luster; 3. Dark curtains, you can match some dark silk curtains, such as royal blue, purple, etc.; 4. Rattan curtains, you can also choose rattan curtains for white decoration, bringing a sense of harmony to the overall space. Come to a natural breath.

What are the skills of matching white decoration curtains

1.Color match

White is a more plastic and versatile color, so most colors can be used with this color. You can match it with the overall tone according to the decoration style of your home. For example, you can use white with beige to bring a fresh and warm effect, or you can use white with light gray to bring a stable and atmospheric atmosphere. Feel. In addition, everyone should also match the lighting according to the lighting of different spaces. For example, some spaces with poor lighting should try to choose some light colors, and rooms with better lighting can use dark colors.

corded blackout blinds

2. Material matching

Although white is relatively inclusive, white is often easily overlooked visually, so if you want to improve the overall sense of decoration, it is recommended that you start with the material of the curtains, such as some cotton and linen materials. People feel more transparent and simple, and curtains made of silk make people feel more gorgeous. But we also need to match the material according to the functional requirements of different spaces. For example, the bedroom needs to have a certain shading effect, and it also needs to have a certain sound insulation effect. Then such a space is suitable for choosing some curtains made of flannelette, while the living room needs a decorative effect. Curtains that are strong and have a certain light transmission function can be made of cotton and linen.

corded blackout blinds

3. Pattern matching

For white decoration, the pattern of curtains can be chosen according to everyone’s preferences or decoration style. For example, for a pastoral decoration style, you can choose some floral pattern curtains, and for a modern style decoration, you can choose some striped or solid color style curtains. In addition, you should also match the age of the residents. The curtains used can be matched with some cartoon patterns, and for others, you can choose some curtains with classical patterns.

How to install bedroom curtains

1. Install a layer of curtains directly against the window

The easiest way to install corded blackout blinds is to install them directly against the window, or when installing against the bay window, you can choose half curtains or floor-to-ceiling curtains. However, there must be a certain distance from the ground, and it cannot be dragged directly on the ground.


2. The gauze curtain is against the window, and the cloth curtain is against the wall

The second way of installation is to choose double-layer curtains, one layer is cloth curtain and the other layer is gauze curtain. The cloth curtain can be installed directly against the wall, and the gauze curtain can be directly against the window, which can provide sunshade performance. When the sun is shining, the cloth curtain can be opened during the day and the gauze curtain can be pulled straight, which can bring hazy beauty and is more suitable for the bedroom environment.

3. Corner curtains

Some window sills are not straight, and some have corners, so they need to be installed through rails, and then the corded blackout blinds are designed to be corner or L-shaped. If it has an independent right angle, it cannot be installed against the wall during installation.

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