Commercial quality blackout 100% Blackout Roller Blinds, Where to put them?

Where can we put a Commercial quality blackout 100% Blackout Roller Blinds?

commercial blackout roller blinds

As its name says the word Opaque or Blackout means zero visibility or total 100% Blackout Roller Blinds. The Commercial quality blackout 100% Blackout Roller Blinds is a good ally in places where we do not have external blinds since it will provide us with zero visibility and total 100% Blackout Roller Blinds. There is also the case of using commercial quality Blackout Roller Blinds as projection screens for schools or private use.

How is a commercial quality blackout 100% Blackout Roller Blinds operated?

This type of blinds can be found with two different types of actuation:

1. Commercial quality blackout Blackout Roller Blinds Chain-driven with a multiplier brake system, which makes the “rise” and “descent” smooth and with the advantage that it stays fixed wherever you want. With the Premium supports of our section of Mechanisms for blinds that serve both to install to the ceiling and to the wall and with the great advantage that the screws are not visible.

2. Motorized Blackout Roller Blinds. Here we find two types of motors: the mechanical motor (operated by a button) or the radio (remote control). They are the latest generation motors that provide us with comfort in our blinds and a 5-year guarantee.

Composition and technical characteristics of these blinds

commercial blackout roller blinds
100% quality blackout blinds

Opaque or Black Out fabric is made of 75% PVC and 25% fiberglass. It has a weight of 360 gr / m2 and a thickness of 0.33 mm. And we have 13 colors and any customized colors are available. UNITEC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial blackout roller shade fabrics.

Its maintenance is very simple, in case of a stain we can clean them with a cloth moistened with water. It is not advisable to clean any fabric either Screen, blackout fabrics, or translucent blinds fabrics with cleaning products as they can damage the fabric due to its high abrasive power.



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