There is a secret to matching curtains, how to match the colors of the curtains?

Curtains are a very common soft decoration in the home. Although they have a simple structure, they can have finishing touch to the entire home. Therefore, both the early selection and the later installation and matching are more important, so in Pay attention to when buying: For example, the color matching of curtains determines the overall tone of the curtains. Let us take a look with the designers of UNITEC curtains!

Below are some questions:

  • Should curtains match walls or couch?
  • What curtains are in style 2021-2025?
  • What color should curtains match?
  • Should curtains match Wall Colour?

Color matching of curtains: the color of the curtains can be similar to the wall.

In this way, space will look more integrated, and the overall home decoration will not appear messy. Of course, you can maintain a uniform tone, but it’s better to have curtains darker than the walls. For example, the wood-colored walls are matched with dark blue curtains. This will look better. If the curtain color is too light and the wall color is darker, it will look messy. So, this is the color matching of the curtains and wall.

Color matching of curtains: other furniture colors also need to be echoed.

For example, the color of sofas, cushions, etc., when buying furniture, try to buy colors that are similar to curtains. Also, pay attention to the material, the curtain material should not be too conflicting with other home materials, which will affect the coordination of the overall home decoration space and destroy the visual perception. So don’t choose the color according to your subjective feelings, it will appear that the home is not uniform. This is the color matching of the curtains and furniture colors.

Color matching of curtains: Contrasting colors and bright colors

The color of the curtains can not only use similar colors but also use contrasting colors and bright colors to match.

For example, dark green with white, and some fruit greens, will make the overall look and feel more refreshing. But one thing to note is that when choosing a brighter color as the main color matching of the curtain, it is best to choose a thicker material, otherwise, it will appear to have no texture and lack a sense of stability.

Color matching of curtains: Curtains adapt to the environment

People adapt to the environment. Of course, curtains are the same. Different environments choose different styles. For example, the curtains of the elderly room should be simple and dignified, and the style is simple and generous. The curtains of the children’s room can choose some more vibrant colors, such as sky blue, light green, light pink, etc., which are more childlike. The bedroom of young people is generally simpler or more personalized colors, which can highlight the personality or home taste of the house owner.

For color matching of curtains, UNITEC curtains suggest buying pure-color curtains, so as to better match the other soft decorations in the room. After all, the curtains themselves play a role in embellishing the space. They should not be too obvious or fancy so that there will be a sense of distraction, and some belts. Patterned curtains also need to be carefully selected, because we need to match and layout accordingly according to the style of the corresponding pattern, which consumes more energy and time than pure color curtains.

Gray curtains are more versatile

Generally speaking, gray curtains are more versatile. They match well in any style of the home scene and can be well integrated into the whole decoration environment.

The Color matching of curtains is also related to the season. For example, light-colored curtains can be used in spring and summer. Such as beige, tea green, sky blue, lavender purple, and other colors, and in winter is more suitable for brown, dark green, dark coffee, and other colors.

There are many types of curtains on the market, and there are many kinds of materials and colors. When purchasing, you must choose according to the decoration style of your home. It really plays a finishing touch and makes people shine.

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