Cold-proof curtains, warm allies in winter!

When the first frosts of winter fall, windows, French doors or bay windows sometimes let a gust of unpleasantly cold air into the house. For this, you can simply implement an inexpensive and very effective solution: installing cold-proof curtains. The simplest solutions are often the best. In fact, thanks to the insulating lining, the thermal curtain prevents the penetration of cold from the outside and retains the heat inside.

What are cold-proof curtains?

Thermal insulation curtains are a product specifically designed to retain heat in a room and maintain a comfortable room temperature. Refrigerated curtains are thicker and heavier than traditional curtains. They are usually made of insulating materials like velvet, cotton, polyester or even linen. These components help stop cold air from circulating and help keep the heat in your home.

cold-proof curtains

In addition to their thermal properties, they also incorporate soundproofing, naturally protecting the room from prying eyes. Some thermal drapes are designed specifically for winter protection, while others are the opposite and provide thermal protection in all seasons, be it winter or summer. The special feature of the cold tent is that it has a specially designed cold liner.

These thick curtains are also blackout. However, they are installed like any other blind, using rods or rails. In fact, they can be hung on eyelet curtain rods or folding curtain tracks.

cold-proof curtains

Why choose cold-proof curtains in winter?

  • Easy to install, insulated curtains offer many advantages when there is a lot of heat loss in the home:


Save energy: By preventing heat loss from your windows, you can reduce your heating costs in the winter. In fact, you can keep your house or apartment at a comfortable temperature without overheating.

  • Improves Quality of Life: By maintaining a comfortable interior temperature, thermal window coverings help improve the health and well-being of the occupants of your home. They also help reduce external noise and cold drafts.

UV Protection: In addition to keeping you warm, there are some winter tents that can protect you from UV rays because their materials and colors are low-sensitivity. This is especially useful for protecting furniture and rugs from sun and moisture damage.

Which rooms are more suitable for installing thermal curtains?

  • Heat and cold curtains or drapes should be placed inside, but it’s great for insulating important places, such as entryways or garage doors. Additionally, cold-proof curtains are especially helpful in the many rooms of the house that struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature, especially in winter. Here are some of the rooms we recommend thermal curtains for:

Living and dining rooms: Insulated curtains help keep a comfortable temperature in rooms you spend a lot of time in the winter.

Bedroom: Insulated curtains keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature and prevent cold wind from disturbing your sleep. It also protects clothing and bedding from light and moisture.

Kitchens: Anti-cooling curtains help maintain a comfortable temperature in the kitchen. This works especially well if you have large windows or French doors that open outward. It also protects appliances and furniture from light and moisture.

Cold-proof curtains can also be used in other rooms of the home, such as offices and bathrooms, to provide additional insulation and protect furniture and other equipment from moisture.

How to choose cold-proof curtains?

It is recommended that you consider some standard factors when choosing cold-proof curtains:

Materials: First, while wool is still expensive and harder to maintain, it is the most natural and effective material for insulating a room from the cold. As for polar fleece, it is a fabric made of fibers that can come from a variety of materials (polyester, wool, bamboo, etc.). It’s a good compromise, and wool is known for its insulating abilities.

  • Size: In order for your winter curtains to perfectly insulate your home, they must cover the entire window surface to be effective. That’s why all of our thermally lined curtains can be made exactly to your measurements.

Beautiful: Insulated curtains can be made in a variety of colors and patterns to suit different decorating styles. Thus, it can add color and texture to a room by adding insulation. Also, the lining enhances the beauty of the curtains by giving them a perfect drape.

cold-proof curtains

Cold-proof curtains, a simple and effective solution to improve your home's thermal insulation

  • Even though it’s not as effective as double glazing, cold-proof curtains will give you good insulation in winter. If you are just a tenant and the insulation of your house or apartment needs to be improved, then this custom curtain may also be the best solution. In fact, the “cold wall effect”, i.e. the transfer of cold to walls in the event of poor insulation, is very unpleasant and involves very high heating costs.

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