How to clean the curtains? 3 Brilliant Curtains Cleaning Methods

Blinds are becoming a popular solution in interior design. They replace curtains and draperies or are used as an addition to them. In addition to the curtains used indoors, external blinds can also be noted, especially on the lower floors of buildings located in large cities. They are made of special materials – resistant to damage, to protect the building from attempted theft. Regardless of the type, the curtains require regular cleaning. Are you wondering how to clean the curtains inside and out? Learn some better methods.


Why is it so important to clean the curtains?

Just like other items in the house, curtains collect dust and dirt. In this case, you cannot clean the curtains every day, because it is impossible. But make sure you do this from time to time.

The dust that settles on the curtains is dangerous, especially for sensitive people and allergy sufferers. They may be looking for the reason behind their constantly runny nose or the rash. As it turns out, they completely ignore to clean the curtains. This is a big mistake.

clean the curtains

How often do you clean the curtains?

Cleaning curtains is not a complicated task. But sometimes it takes time. That’s why it’s not something you do often. But as a rule, make sure you clean them at least once a month.

Cleaning wooden and aluminum blinds (often called Venetian blinds) is the simplest. Just wipe them with a wet cloth and detergent. You can do this during the weekly cleaning. Thanks to this, they will not accumulate too much dirt.

Can you clean the curtains yourself?

  • As already mentioned, cleaning the blinds is child’s play. Without a doubt, you can clean the curtains by yourself. And the other types? There are some useful methods recommended by specialists.

  • Although cleaning other types of curtains takes longer and requires some specific knowledge, you can do most of the work yourself. There is no need to order a cleaning service for this purpose.

clean the curtains

How to clean pleated blinds?

  • Cleaning pleated blinds is not as difficult as you might expect. Even if you must take them out of the window, the process isn’t problematic at all – you’ll see it once you try it.

Hand washing is the basic method of cleaning pleated blinds. After removing them from the window, pour hot water into a basin – the temperature cannot exceed 35-40 ° C (95-104 ° F). Add a little liquid soap. All stains and dirt should dissolve after 30 minutes.

  • You can remove excess water from the curtains using a paper towel. Hang up the damp items on the window – they will dry on their own.

If your windows are large, you may have trouble finding a large enough bowl. You can use a shower tray or a bathtub.

When cleaning pleated blinds, you can use a washing liquid for delicate fabrics, or a product designed for hand washing instead of soap. In no case wipe the material with a sponge or brush – even if the stains are deep. Avoid the use of strong chemicals, as they could cause discoloration.


If it’s been a long time since you last cleaned your pleated blinds, and they are dirty or heavily stained – consider using a professional cleaning service. This way, you can be sure that you don’t have to buy new items.


clean the curtains

How to clean roller blinds?

  • Roller blinds are found in many homes because they were very popular in the past. They need even more careful treatment than pleated blinds. Before doing anything, be sure to remove the curtains from the window. Otherwise, their cleaning may be difficult.


Cleaning fabric roller blinds involves removing dirt from the outer layer, which is easy. But remember that you shouldn’t, or even shouldn’t, immerse them in water.

Prepare a place where you can spread the curtains. Then, take a damp cloth – soaked in water with one of the following products:

1. liquid soap,

2. dish soap,

3. washing liquid,

4. universal cleaner for various surfaces.

With gentle movements, remove dirt from the curtains – do not rub the surface and rinse the cloth regularly. Wait for the curtains to dry completely before using them again. Don’t roll them up. Otherwise, they may develop mold after a few days.


Cleaning the zebra curtains

Are you wondering how to clean zebra curtains? This type of equipment is a perfect alternative to traditional roller blinds, the cleaning process of which has been described above. Because of this, the cleanliness of the zebra curtains looks the same. Just make sure you are gentle with the thinnest parts of the curtains to avoid damage.

How to clean the external blinds?

  • It is possible to clean the external blinds less frequently than the elements used inside. It can be done when cleaning windows, which is done every six months. It is the appropriate frequency. If you want to clean the external blinds, you need good weather – that’s essential. 10-15 ° C (50-59 ° F) is the minimum temperature for these jobs. Make sure it doesn’t rain and avoid cleaning during windy days.

The external blinds are water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting them wet. But be careful with the products you use, as they may affect the upholstery of the curtains. Be sure to read the labels before using any cleaning products.


  • When cleaning exterior blinds, always use soft cloths or sponges with no sharp structure. In this way, you can be sure not to damage the protective layer of the element, which could lead to rust.


Don’t forget that the ropes for lifting the curtains are also their part. Make sure you clean them from time to time too. To do this, use warm soapy water. Drain excess moisture using a paper towel.


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