How to clean the blinds in my house?

Surely you have wondered how to clean the blinds, because you like everything at home to be in order and look impeccable. In this post, we tell you what you need to know to keep your blinds looking like new, and when to seek the services of a specialist.

Without a doubt, blinds are a key element in the decoration of your home. You will have made an investment to install them and now you want the touch of elegance that they give your spaces not to be overshadowed by dust or stains, but to remain as the first day.

Clean the blinds

clean the blinds

Blinds are perfect for any room; They cover our environments from sunlight, while making our windows and balconies a focal point of decoration.

Now, it is important to know how to clean the blinds to always keep them in perfect condition and prevent them from being damaged by any carelessness when cleaning them; if they are a key to the transformation of space, well they deserve our attention.

When should we clean the blinds in the home?

Regardless of the types of blinds, to keep them radiant it is advisable to clean them weekly; This will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on them.

However, if you notice that there is a deeper layer of dirt, it is advisable that you remove it at least once a month, as over time it could deteriorate your blinds.

The maintenance you give to the moving parts of the head will extend the proper functioning and life of your blinds, so you should clean them every so often.

In short, in addition to knowing how to clean the blinds, you have to know when to do it. Observe them carefully; Some dust is easily removed, but if you think it’s time for a deeper cleaning, do it without delay.

Clean the blinds in the house may not be a problem

It is time to know how to clean the blinds so that you can always be in that wonderful and bright environment.

Don’t think this is a troublesome job, especially if you’ve done weekly maintenance. It is enough to have the articles and cleaning products on hand that can facilitate the task.

As for cleaning supplies, a vacuum cleaner would be ideal. You will also need a feather duster, a soft sponge, and cleaning cloths, preferably microfiber so they don’t shed annoying lint.

When it comes to cleaning products, you should ideally follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In the case of wooden blinds, it is worth investing in a specific product, such as those used for parquet.

For plastic and metal ones, a little soapy water will suffice, preferably warm. Only in case of stains or mold do you need to resort to more specific products.

The other option you can count on is to hire specialists; they know how to clean blinds. In this way, you ensure that they are in the best hands.

Manual cleaning

If you are going to personally take care of the clean of your blinds, you should never risk going out on the windowsill. Secure the window sash on the side to be cleaned and use the telescope handle to reach the farthest places.

Start with dusting, always from top to bottom and along the slats, using a vacuum cleaner, a rubber sponge or a feather duster. In the case of vertical blinds, always clean them from top to bottom, to prevent them from sagging.

Once a month, or if your blinds have stains, wash them with water and some cleaner or all-purpose detergent, but never apply it directly on the blind. Help yourself with a clean sponge or cloth. And remember: never soak your wooden blinds.

Depending on the types of blinds, once a month you will have to remove the lid of the drum, which is the upper part where the blinds roll, to remove the dirt that usually accumulates there. It is also convenient that you oil the guides from time to time.

so you can leave your blinds Cleaning with specialists

Now you know how to clean the blinds, and you will have realized that the secret to keeping them is the maintenance you can give them; however, when it comes time to do a deeper cleaning, you may not have the time or the will.

This is not a problem either, because for that there are specialists in blind cleaning with a lot of experience in this service who will gladly help you.

Let the specialists take care of the work and you will save a lot of time and effort. Also consider that they know exactly what product to use and how to clean in the safest way, especially when it comes to exterior blinds.

What is more recommendable?

Although frequent maintenance prevents the deterioration of your blinds, a thorough cleaning by specialists is necessary from time to time.

Specialists know for sure how to remove stains that sometimes appear, or annoying mold. In addition, they will use the best products, so you will not run the risk of deterioration.

In addition, you have to maintain the system of your blinds, whether vertical or horizontal, change the parts that may deteriorate, oil, adjust … only one of them knows how to do it, because in addition to the training they also have the experience.


Regarding the transformation of space, architects, decorators and interior designers include blinds and curtains in their proposals, in all their variety of materials, colors and designs.

The blinds in particular are extremely practical, they adapt to environments such as the dining room, living room or kitchen, but they must always be shiny.

Now that you know how to clean the blinds you can do it yourself; however, you can also find someone to do this work for you.

If you are going to hire a blind cleaning service, make sure that you will have the best care and that they provide you with the best service.



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