Choose curtains or blinds

Don’t know how to decorate the windows of your house? In this post we will help you and tell you everything you need to know so that you can decide whether it is better to choose curtains or blinds for your home.

Choose curtains or blinds: aspects to consider

There is no exact rule to help you figure out what works best for your home; this decision depends in most cases on your personal taste. The first thing to consider is the size of the window, how much light you want to let in, and how much light you want to let out. Here are the different options you can choose from:

Choose curtains or blinds


 A simple and functional alternative that provides warmth in the room. Two Curtains: You can combine an opaquer curtain with another one in a light, translucent color for greater elegance and warmth, which is ideal for large spaces. It is also advisable to use fabrics with different structures.


  • This option is very simple and functional; moreover, their style is more modern and contemporary than that of the curtains. Two blinds: one has a light, translucent color and the other is opaquer, achieving greater elegance and lightness than a double curtain.

Benefits of curtains

  • Curtains are very decorative, and you can choose from one-piece or two-piece options; if the window is quite large, it is best to opt for two-piece models. It is also important to analyze the fabric from which the curtain is made, as it lets sunlight through. It also ensures more privacy in your home, so that nobody from outside can see what is happening in your home.


Choose curtains or blinds

When are curtains a good option? Here we show you:

  • For large windows:

1. You want to match the window.

2. Decoration to the upholstery of the sofas.

3. To regulate the incidence of light from outside.

4. To avoid prying eyes.

  • However, there are not only advantages. These are the main disadvantages of the curtains:

1. They cover part of the windowpane when stretched.

2. They use a lot more fabric than blinds, which tends to make them more expensive.

3. They are difficult to wash, especially those intended for large windows.

4. They easily absorb the smells of food and smoke.

Benefits of blinds

1. More economical than roller shutters.

2. Ideal for small spaces: If there is room above the windows, it is best to use blinds.

3. You can raise or lower the blinds as you wish.

4. They make it possible to use the lower part of the window.

5. If you decide to go with blinds, one of the best options is privacy blinds. These products are made of a very resistant material that prevents cold and heat from entering the home; in this way you can reduce energy costs and save on bills.

6. They are also very easy to clean as you only need a damp cloth and 5 minutes to remove any stains.

Choose curtains or blinds
  • These are the main disadvantages of blinds:

1. They can be an obstacle when opening and closing the window.

2. The mechanism requires more maintenance than curtain rods.


Choose curtains or blinds: which is better?

  • Here are some tips that can help you when choosing between curtains and blinds:

Regardless of whether you have chosen choose curtains or blinds, in both cases these must be made to measure for your windows, as you can find in our online shop. This way you can be sure that your items will fit your windows perfectly and you won’t have to adjust them.


If you choose curtains

  • They should be twice the size of the window so they can be shown open and closed. Curtains are highly recommended to reduce noise and regulate temperature as they isolate the space and provide more privacy; for this reason, they are often used in bedrooms.

If you have children

It is best to use the blinds. This way you can wash them quickly and pull them up just enough, so little ones don’t touch them all day long. The presence of furniture or other elements in the window area can help you decide on the best option. If this item is in the lower part of the window, such as a worktable or radiator, it would be best to install a blind to keep the curtain from colliding.

In short

  •  When choosing choose curtains or blinds for your home, you must consider a few essential aspects and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each of the products. Whichever option you choose, it is best if you buy these items from a specialty store like UNITEC. In addition, in our online shop we take care of the production of you choose curtains or blinds made to measure, so that the chosen alternative fits your window perfectly.

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