What kind of curtains are suitable for children's rooms?

From the moment they are born, the children of many families are loved by thousands of people. For many parents, it is a big deal to plan a comfortable children’s room for their babies so that they can grow up happily and safely. 


Due to the entanglement of curtain drawstrings, accidents happen to young children from time to time. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to choose curtains without drawstrings or styles with high rope heights that children cannot touch. 

At present, there are cloth gauze blinds, honeycomb blinds, snake blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, etc. on the market, all of which are available in the form of no drawstring. If you still want to use curtains with rope loops, you need to install a drawstring holder or a bead chain holder to fix the rope chain on the wall to prevent children from scratching and pulling at will.

children's rooms

2.Prevent allergies and protect health

If you are worried about the accumulation of dust or dust mites and other allergens on the curtains, which will affect your child’s respiratory health, it is recommended not to choose traditional cloth curtains if they cannot be cleaned frequently. 

In addition, because wooden shutters usually need to be painted on the surface, there is a hidden danger of formaldehyde, and it is not easy to clean, so you can pay more attention. Considering that most roller blinds and honeycomb blinds are made of polyester fiber, which is not easy to be contaminated with dust and dust mites, it is a good choice.

3. Choose fabric or gauze curtains

Generally, cloth curtains have a variety of colors and patterns, and the price is relatively affordable. In fact, they are a great tool for creating an atmosphere in children’s rooms. The disadvantage is that the material is easy to accumulate dust. If parents are willing to clean it diligently, it is an ideal option.

Based on safety, it can be equipped with a cordless ring, a hand dial track, or a curtain rod plus a curtain ring or curtain clip, and the curtain can be adjusted directly by hand.

children's rooms

4.Adjustable light design

In addition to the function of resting and sleeping, the children’s room is also a space for children to do activities or read and study, and light will affect these daily lives. 

If the room is too bright, and you are worried that your child will be woken up by the sun early, and you want to maintain good lighting when necessary, you should choose a curtain type that combines both shading and lighting, and can freely adjust the amount of light entering according to needs, such as venetian blinds or Dimming roller blinds (also known as zebra blinds).

children's rooms

5. Simple and attractive style

Unless there is a need to change the curtains frequently and change the style of the room, in terms of long-term planning, it is recommended to choose a style with simpler colors and patterns that is durable.

children's rooms

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