How to repair the broken cord of roller blind curtain

The repair method of the canadian blinds are broken: 1. Replace the curtain accessories, such as gears and spring heads. The characteristics of each curtain are different, so its accessories are also different; 2. Contact the after-sales service, and now many big brands All the curtains have after-sales service. It is also a direct way to call professional staff to come to repair.

1. Replacement of canadian blinds accessories

Roller curtains are divided into three types: electric roller curtains, bead roller curtains, and spring roller curtains. Each type of curtain has different characteristics, so all its accessories are also different. If the roller shutter pulls If the rope is broken, you need to replace the accessories according to different types. 

If the roller blind cannot be closed with a pull cord, it is mainly because the spring head is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new spring head. In addition, sometimes the pull rope is broken because the pull bead is broken, and a new gear needs to be replaced.

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2. Contact after-sales service

When buying roller blinds, it is best to choose a big brand, so that if you have any problems in the later period, you can directly contact the roller blind after-sales service department. You can call directly to let professional staff come to repair, which is more trouble-free and the fastest way.

3. How to choose canadian blinds

1. When choosing roller blinds, be sure to stand far away, so that the overall effect of the curtains can be seen, and it is also convenient to choose colors. It is best not to use some dazzling patterns. It is best to choose light colors and patterns Hazy, elegant lines, soft to the touch, and strong drape. When choosing the color of curtains, you can use the overall style of the home as the basis, and the matching should be harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

2. Good roller blinds have excellent design and exquisite workmanship. They are relatively smooth when pulled, and the noise is very small. Moreover, the fabrics used have the characteristics of very good ductility and oil resistance. 

3. In all the detailed design of roller blinds, the leading position of the curtain head cannot be shaken. Its shape directly determines the style of roller blinds, such as complicated and gorgeous, simple and modern, pastoral romance, intellectual elegance, etc., which will be affected .

4. If it is an office space, it is best to choose a full shading fabric, which has a good shading and heat insulation effect.

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4.How to Clean canadian blinds

1. If it is an electric roller blind or spring roller curtain, it needs to be cleaned by a certain technical professional to avoid damage to the spring, motor and other components. Do not clean it by yourself.

2. If it is a bead-type canadian blinds, it needs to be disassembled for cleaning, then spread on the ground, pour water containing detergent, soak for a few minutes, clean with a soft brush and cotton cloth, and finally rinse with clean water. Remember not to fold it, just put it in a ventilated place to dry, do not expose to the sun, in order to keep it clean for a long time, you can spray some polish properly.

canadian blinds

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