Bedroom decoration should be based on simplicity and comfort

In the setting of necessary furniture, it should firstly satisfy children’s functions of reading, writing, playing computer, and changing clothes, and secondly, satisfy children’s innocent and lively personality.

Middle and young people's bedrooms

It should be considered comprehensively based on one’s own experience, experience, and hobbies. Of course, the needs of sleeping, changing clothes, reading, and writing (except for those who have a study room) must be met. The overall wall color should be slightly darker, and it should be combined with the furniture color and personality. The bedspread and curtains should be coordinated as a whole, and the top of the bed should be equipped with embellishments such as oil paintings. 

bunnings roller blinds

The dressing table should be placed on both sides of the bed and at the corner of the wall. If you need to make wood, you should consider adding lights to the bedroom cabinet (or multi-purpose cabinet), which will make the overall effect of the room better. The ground should be mainly floor tiles and wooden floors, and the color should match the color of furniture and paint. In addition to ceiling lights, floor lamps and bedside lamps can also be considered for lighting configuration. The light color should be soft light

elderly bedroom

Due to age and physical reasons, the elderly may have difficulty in moving, so bedroom decoration must first consider this feature. The furniture should be simple, and the sides of the bed should be as spacious as possible to facilitate the activities of the elderly. The light must be soft. It is advisable to lay wooden floors on the ground to meet the walking safety of the elderly. In addition, the curtains are mainly in dark tones, and indoor warmth and ventilation are necessary conditions.

Glass does have a very good space partition effect, which not only opens up the space but also achieves good visual effects

1. There are many varieties of glass. When decorating the home, pay attention to matching it with the style of the home decoration. For example, stained glass is generally used in European and French home decoration styles, while transparent glass is mostly used in modern home decoration styles.

2. If there are old people or children at home, you should be more cautious when using glass walls. When installing a glass wall in the master bedroom, be sure to paste decorative strips or film on the middle of the glass wall. Otherwise, due to insufficient indoor light and poor eyesight of the elderly, it is easy to hit the glass wall. Families with children should use glass with caution. Because children’s eyesight is low, it is easy to ignore the lower glass, and it is easy to move, and it is easy to hit the glass directly, which poses a safety hazard. Therefore, when using glass partitions in the living room, it is best to install wooden entities underneath.

3. When fixing the glass door or wall, do not lean against the wall directly, but use rubber pads to protect it, so that there will be a buffer even if there is a collision, and glass doors are generally much heavier than wooden doors, so when installing Also consider the stress on the local ground.
4. The current corridors are relatively narrow, and the transportation and installation of glass walls or doors must be very careful to avoid accidents. The designer reminds: Although glass is very beautiful when used in home decoration, and the quality of glass texture has been greatly improved, in fact, I personally do not recommend using a lot of glass or mirrors in home decoration. Home decoration still respects the natural style, but glass is a building material that feels very cold. And in real home life, we must go to extremes to consider, that is, what will happen if the glass wall breaks. Therefore, glass should be used with caution in home decoration.

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