How much does the shading rate of curtains meet the sleeping requirements?

When buying curtains, many owners will ask “Is there any 100% block out blinds?” So the higher the curtain’s shading rate, the better it is? In order to ensure our good sleep, we need curtains to help us resist the morning sun. Bright light at noon! Blackout curtains are undoubtedly a better choice, so how do we choose blackout curtains?

1.Different block out blinds ratios meet different needs

100% shading curtains do not exist. The semi-shading curtains we often say generally refer to curtains with a shading rate of 30-50% and above 90%, which can be called full shading curtains. Secondly, the higher the shading rate, the better. , Excessively high shading rate will make the room too dark and depressing. Different spaces have different requirements for light. We should consider the function and use of the space to choose the appropriate shading rate

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2.Study room: about 30% shading rate

The study room is a space for reading/studying/working. Sufficient light is a necessary condition. The curtains can ensure that the room does not need to turn on the lights when the curtains are drawn during the day to meet the light requirements. The light permeability is still very good!

3. Bedroom: shading rate of about 55%-90%

It is generally not recommended to choose full blackout curtains for the bedroom. According to the alternating feeling of day and night in the upstairs curtains, it can still be reflected. The dense material of the curtains, in addition to the shading function, can have obvious heat insulation and cold protection effects in summer and winter. 

It also has the effect of noise reduction and dust prevention. Sleeping until you wake up naturally will not affect your nap. It is generally recommended to choose floor-to-ceiling curtains to avoid light leakage due to short curtains

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4.Children's room: about 50%-70% shading rate

Children lack a sense of security about the environment. Sleeping in a completely dark environment will increase the number of times of waking up and crying. The lack of natural light is also not conducive to children’s good work and rest and health, such as vision and bone development. The shading rate of the curtains in the children’s room can be 50%-70%, which can wake up sleep through natural light.

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