Which blinds block light the best?

If you want to block all light from entering your room, read on. You’ll find out which blinds block out the most light and what the difference is between blackout and room darkening models.

Which blinds to choose for a bedroom?

If you want to plunge your bedroom into complete darkness , which indeed helps you sleep better, then you should opt for a blackout blind. Roller shades and blackout cellular shades are great because they block out 100% of outside light and also help block noise.

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By keeping light out, blackout blinds are ideal for the bedroom. Otherwise, They can be used elsewhere in the house. You just have to be careful that once you lower it down, the light doesn’t enter the room. If you just want to hide from view during the day, you may prefer to equip the product of your choice with a privacy liner instead.


Darkening and blackening: are they the same thing?

  • No, these are two different things. Darkening models will darken the room while keeping you out of sight. However, the morning light will still be able to enter. They are particularly suitable for rooms such as the living room where you want to enjoy your privacy at certain times of the day while reducing the amount of light coming from outside, but where you do not worry about the morning sun.


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Can you see through blackout blinds at night?

  • Nope ! The darkened shade doesn’t allow you to see outside, nor can passers-by or neighbors see you. They provide privacy and block out 100% light, which is why they are recommended for bedrooms. These are the best models for blocking light.

block light

Do Roman Shades block light Well?

  • Yes, you can totally opt for Roman shades if you like their style and want a model that blocks the light. Be sure to opt for blackout Roman shades, though, so their fabric blocks out the light.


block light

In fact, most of our products can be converted into darkening products by adding such a liner to them. If you have woven wood blinds and absolutely need more privacy, you can have the best of both worlds by fitting them with a blackout liner.


The benefits of blackout blinds

  • Blackout blinds are great for bedrooms and especially children’s rooms. Indeed, the sleep of infants and young children can be easily disturbed by the smallest morning light. This tells them it’s time to wake up and start the day! This is the case for many adults too.

Blackout shades and blinds will allow you to enjoy a better and longer night’s sleep. Plus, they help block noise from outside. If you live on a busy street, you’ll definitely want to invest in these.

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