How to pull up roller blinds

The roller blinds have a drawstring. Just pull up the rope and pull up alternately with both hands, so that the roller blinds will gradually rise upwards, and then let go after they rise to a certain height. When you want to lower the Blinds&Shades, you only need to pull up the rope, and then pull the other rope down.

How to pull up Blinds&Shades?

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The roller blinds come with a drawstring. Simply lift the rope and pull it alternately with both hands, the blind curtain will gradually rise, wait until it reaches a certain height and then release it. When lowering the Blinds&Shades, simply raise the rope and lower the other rope. Once a certain position is reached, the blind will gradually lower.

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Thickness: 0.38 mm ± 5%

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Composition:100% Polyester with acrylic coated.

Width: 2.0m, 2.5m, 2.8m, 3.0m, 89mm, 127mm
Weight: 304g/m2 ±10%
Thickness: 0.33mm±5%

Roll Length: 30m

Color Fastness:  5-6 (Blue Scale) Tested to ISO 105- B02:2014


What are the advantages and disadvantages of roller blinds?

1. The shading performance and sound insulation performance of roller blinds are very good. The more common curtains are divided into automatic and manual, and can also be used with manual locks. If the curtain is locked inside, it cannot be opened from the outside. When the internal connections between blinds and curtains are properly handled, very good sound insulation performance can be ensured.

2. The sun protection effect of roller blinds is also very good, but compared with thick Blinds&Shades, the sun protection effect of thick curtains is never as good. If the roller blinds are made of PVC material, they also have some UV protection.


3. What should you pay attention to when choosing Blinds&Shades?

1. When choosing Blinds&Shades, you must first look at where the curtains will be hung. If it is placed in the living room, the shading performance must first be considered. If it is paired with non-blackout curtains, the lighting in the living room will be stronger.

2. If it is hung in the bedroom, the bedroom is generally used for resting, so the Blinds And Shades must have a strong shading effect. If it is used in the kitchen and bathroom, it can be paired with blinds and roller blinds, which can have a certain shielding effect without occupying a certain amount of space.


The above is the editor’s introduction to how to pull up roller blinds. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you also want to know how to pull up roller blinds, you can refer to the above content to choose the appropriate method. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to UNITEC.

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