Give your home personality by using Blinds with Curtains

Do you want to change the style of your house? Why you don’t start with window decoration, learn here? how to choose a Blinds with Curtains and add a touch of design and style to your home.

Blinds with Curtains

The curtains and blinds are one of the elements that manage to provide greater privacy, personality, and style to the spaces, so it is very important to know how to choose the ones that best suit your home. Next, you will find a complete guide to choose the curtains and blinds that best suit your home.

Blinds with Curtains are moving parts, which are used mainly for covering windows.

The Blinds with Curtains are divided according to their material, drive, and functional quality. Thus we can find fabric Blinds, Metal Blinds, Automatic Blinds, rustic Blinds with Curtains, mechanical, manual, acoustic thermal Blinds, among others; and the fact is that, despite their different characteristics, they all fulfill their main function of totally or partially preventing the passage of light and visibility from the outside.

However, it may be the Blinds with Curtains that give it the touch of personality that you were looking for for your home.

Next, UNITEC Textile Decoration (The leading China manufacturer of roller shades fabrics, solar screen fabrics, and zebra shades fabrics) will give you four tips to give your home a different style.

  • If you want your space to have an elegant style, it is advisable to place long Blinds with Curtains flush with the floor. The fabrics that are recommended are those with a higher polyester composition, due to their resistance and firmness. If you want to use cotton fabrics, the ideal is to add 20 cm more to the height measurement, since they tend to shrink at the first wash and if they are required to touch the floor, you could add 15 cm more.
  • On the other hand, if you want your space to have a modern style, the use of vertical Blinds with Curtains (blinds) or Roller blinds is recommended, since they have a clean appearance and have available fabrics in different shades.
  • To give a classic style to space, the famous tulle, organza, or silk Blinds with Curtains are recommended, which are light, soft, and delicate fabrics.
  • But, if you are looking for a home space to gain prominence, it is recommended to choose a curtain model with a pattern, or in intense colors to find the prominence that is required for the environment.
  • Finally, as an important fact, the color of the furniture that is furnishing the environment must always be taken into account. That is, if they are dark, it is recommended to use neutral colors in the Blinds with Curtains so that they provide lighting to space.

UNITEC Textile Decoration (The leading China manufacturer of roller shades fabrics, solar screen fabrics, and zebra shades fabrics) gives you these four important tips, and thus also offers you the different types of Blinds with Curtains so that you can give your home the personality you always wanted.

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