Advantages and disadvantages of roller blinds, blinds and fabric curtains? How to choose curtains?

Many people do not understand this, so the following will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of rolling curtains, blinds and fabric curtains for you? How to choose blinds sun blocking?

Advantages and disadvantages of roller blinds, blinds sun blocking and fabric curtains?

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1.Fabric curtain: blackout cloth is indispensable


Fabric curtains are common in living rooms and bedrooms. For visual effect and convenience of use, we will use gauze curtains and fabric blinds sun blocking together. However, if you are not satisfied with the shading of the curtain in the house now, there is no need to rush to change the new, as long as you add a layer of shading cloth on the original curtain. 

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blinds sun blocking

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blinds sun blocking

Advantages and disadvantages of roller blinds, blinds and fabric curtains?​

The material used in the shading cloth is somewhat similar to the umbrella, although light and thin, but a good shading cloth can play an excellent heat insulation, sun protection, UV protection and other effects. However, it should be noted that the shading cloth is mostly sewn or pasted together with the cloth curtain, and it is rarely independent into the curtain. Because the shading cloth itself is relatively thin, if it is not pulled with the curtain, it is inconvenient, and there is no sag, which will also affect the shading effect. Due to the multi-level fabric curtain looks stable atmosphere, but also noble. Therefore, suitable for use in the living room and master room.

2.Rolling curtain :PVC material to block UV


High quality blinds sun blocking can be sunshade, sound insulation, safety, convenience equal to one. It is generally divided into manual and automatic two, if necessary, can also be used with manual lock, as long as you lock inside, the curtain will be difficult to open from the outside; Different from the curtain, if the connection between the curtain and the window is handled well, it can play a good sound insulation effect. Although it can not be 100% sound insulation, it can solve many problems; From the point of view of shading, the rolling curtain is not as good as the heavy cloth curtain. However, if a PVC roller curtain is used, its anti-ultraviolet effect is also very good. Under normal circumstances, the roller curtain is more suitable for use in the bedroom, especially the child’s room. Because the pattern of the roller curtain is more active, it is not easy to be pulled by the child.

blinds sun blocking

3.Shutter: metal material good heat insulation


Blinds, vertical blinds and bamboo blinds are masters at controlling light, protecting privacy, clever ventilation and beautifying Spaces. They are different from other curtains that will completely block the window, if you like, you can adjust the light according to need, so that the indoor environment can achieve harmony and unity; Because they are relatively lightweight and not a whole, ventilation is relatively simple; These more flexible curtains, rich in shape, can choose a lot of patterns.

How to choose curtains?

1.In the choice of curtains, according to their own decoration style, choose matching curtains, in order to play the role of finishing the finishing touch.


2.Milky white wall, with light red curtains can show the magnificent effect;

blinds sun blocking

When we look at the above advantages and disadvantages of roller blinds, blinds and fabric curtains? How to choose curtains? After the introduction, presumably people should already know the advantages and disadvantages of these three kinds of curtains, no matter what, there are bound to be two sides. People can buy according to their own needs, after all, what suits them is good, and we must pay attention to quality when purchasing.

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