How is the curtain closed, what are the advantages and disadvantages, how to choose?

Rolling window has a beautiful and simple appearance, suitable for office and home window shading, especially for large glass curtain wall rolling blinds shades for windows.

Advantages and disadvantages of blinds shades for windows:

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Roll-up curtains have good shading and sound insulation, compared with the curtain to the biggest advantage is that it does not take up space, some blinds shades for windows can also be installed manual lock, the outside can not be opened. The disadvantages are also very obvious, it is not very convenient and time-consuming, and the shading effect is not as good as the curtain. The texture and beauty are not as good as curtains. In addition, because the rolling curtain is generally light, a metal strip will be hung at the bottom to smooth the blinds shades for windows, so when the wind blows the rolling curtain, the metal strip will beat against the window and make a sound.

UNITEC's Room darkening window treatments Fabrics Collection
blinds shades for windows

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Fabric Name & Code: JS01-001

Composition: 100% Polyester

Specification: 100% Blackout (Complies to AS 2663.3.1999), UV Protection: Tested to AS/NZS 4399:1996, Blackout Performance: UVA 99.95% | UVB 99.95

Width: 2.0m,2.5m, 2.8m, 3.0m, 89mm, 127mm.

Roll Length: 30m ± 5m or Customized

Weight: 317 g/m² ±5 %

Thickness: 0.27 mm ±5 %

Fabric Name & Code: T-PVC URB03

Composition: 1 ply fiberglass, 3 ply PVC (25% Fiberglass, 75% PVC)

Width: 183cm, 200cm, 244cm, 250cm, 300cm, 89mm, 127mm
Weight: 460g/m2 ±10%
Thickness: 0.39mm±5%
Roll Length: 30m
blinds shades for windows

How to choose blinds shades for windows in bathroom?

Roll bathroom is generally used to protect privacy, multi-use rolling curtains for decoration and encryption. Due to the perennial humidity of the bathroom, if the choice of curtains easy to mold, difficult to clean, generally choose PVC shutter, aluminum shutter, such as moisture-proof, environmental protection, easy to clean rolling curtains.

blinds shades for windows

Balcony or bedroom how to choose rolling curtains:

Balconies or bedrooms generally use rolling curtains to block the sun, block ultraviolet radiation on furniture, and prevent premature aging of furniture. Balcony year-round sun and rain, with polyester polyester and PVC synthetic curtain curtain is more common, this fabric is more durable, can effectively block ultraviolet light, but also does not affect through the curtain viewing the scenery outside the window.

Installation mode:

European shutter doors and Windows have internal installation, external installation, installation, hidden installation of a variety of ways, you can choose the best installation plan according to the characteristics of the building. The protective function and decorative function are integrated, which is an effective replacement of the traditional protective net. Can be opened, and the opening method is flexible, manual, electric, remote control, when the curtain window is opened, you no longer have the “visual” on the “pollution” and “cage” like repression.

blinds shades for windows

Rolling window has a beautiful and simple appearance, suitable for office and home window shading, especially for large glass curtain wall rolling curtain. When the curtain fabric is down, it can make the indoor light soft, avoid the trouble of direct sunlight, and achieve a good sunshade effect. When the curtain rises, its volume is very small, so that it is not easy to be detected. The rolling fabric has a semi-blackout rolling curtain, semi-transparent rolling curtain, full blackout rolling curtain series, which can be determined according to the position and use of the window.

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