How do the blinds come down?

Shutters come in two forms. The curtain of the first type of blinds has two ropes on the left side, and there is a regulating rod. The function of the regulating rod is to adjust the light intensity from the outside into the room.

1.The first use of blinds

Hold the two hanging ropes together, and then forget to pull to the left to raise the curtain, and pull to the right to lower the curtain. The level depends on how much light you want to light.

blinds methods

Some friends may not know what it means to pull left and right, but it is actually very simple, because the pull rope is straight when it is not moved, you pull the lower end of the rope to the left, and then pull the rope down hard.

blinds methods

2.Second usage of blinds

You need to hold the four ropes together, and then pull to the right to pull up the curtains, and pull to the left to put down the curtains.

 One thing to note here is that if you want to put down the curtain of the blinds, you have to pull the rope hard first, and then pull the rope slowly and evenly, and the curtain will come down slowly.

blinds methods

3.Advantages of blinds

While achieving moderate lighting, internal shadows will not be reflected outside; hygiene and cleaning are also very convenient, just wipe gently with a rag. And it is not easy to fade; 

the shutters can effectively ensure a certain indoor temperature and humidity, and can achieve effective energy saving purposes; 

users can easily adjust the position of the blades to control the amount of incident light; it is very good to block the sun’s ultraviolet rays In, to protect the furniture from fading due to UV rays.

blinds methods
blinds methods

4.The fastest way to pull down the blinds

In fact, there is a bead in the frame track of the blinds. Through the friction between the rope and the bead, the bead catches the rope, and then the blind will be fixed at the position you want to fix.

 If you want to put it down, it’s actually very simple. We just need to bring the rope to the right at an angle of 45 degrees or more, and apply a little force. 

 Of course, if you want to stop the blinds at a certain position, then you should hold the rope and don’t relax, and then slowly release the rope vertically, so that’s all right.

blinds methods

Know more about us

Blinds are a popular style of curtains. In fact, they are not troublesome to use. As long as you master the skills, you can easily pull them down. 

You can refer to the above method to use the blinds simply and conveniently.

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